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Representative Publications

Mariani TJ, Qiu X, Chu CY, Wang L, Thakar J, Holden-Wiltse J, Corbett A, Topham DJ, Falsey AR, Caserta MT, Walsh EE. Dynamic changes in the CD4 T cell transcriptome are associated with disease severity during primary RSV infection in young infants. J Infect Dis (in press)

Battacharya S, Rosenberg AF, Peterson DR, Grzeik K, Baran AM, Ashton JM, Gill SR, Corbett AM, Holden-Wiltse J, Topham DJ, Walsh EE, Mariani TJ, Falsey AR. Transcriptomic biomarkers to discriminate bacterial from nonbacterial infection in adults hospitalized with respiratory illness. Sci Rep 2017; 7:6548.

Falsey AR, Becker KL, Swinburne AJ, Nylen ES, Formica MA, Hennessey PA, Criddle MM, Peterson DR, Baran A, Walsh EE. Bacterial complications of respiratory tract viral illness: a comprehensive evaluation. J Infect Dis 2013; 208:432-41

Falsey AR, Hennessey PA, Formica MA, Cox C, Walsh EE. Respiratory syncytial virus infection in elderly and high-risk adults. New Engl J Med 2005; 352:1749-1759.

Walsh EE, Falsey AR, Sullender WM. Monoclonal antibody neutralization escape mutants of respiratory syncytial virus with unique alterations in the attachment (G) protein. J. Gen. Virol. 69:479-487, 1998.

Walsh EE, Hall CB, Briselli M, Brandriss MW, Schlesinger JJ. Immunization with glycoprotein subunits of respiratory syncytial virus to protect cotton rats against viral infection. J Inf Dis 155:1198, 1987.

Walsh EE, Hruska JF. Monoclonal antibodies to respiratory syncytial virus proteins: Identification of the fusion protein. J Virol 47:171, 1983.