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Eastman Dental in Paris

Institut George Eastman, October, 1937

Eastman Dental Paris

The foundation ceremony was held on July 29, 1935. Present were: (left to right) project mason, Monsieur Boulard, Vice President of Paris, Dr. Harvey Burkhart, representative to George Eastman, Monsier Achilles Villey, Prefect of the Seine, Mr. Edward Crevel, architect. Also pictured is Dr. Frank Casto, President of the American Dental Association.

Paris dinner ceremony menu with signatures

Officially dedicated on October 21, 1937. Note ceremony menu with autographs.


Exterior of Paris clinic with bus that took children to and from clinic

An exterior view of the clinic. Note bus, which transported children to and from the clinic.

Bust of Eastman found at the Paris clinin

Busts of Eastman and Burkhart found inside the clinic were made by George Conlon, an American sculptor who was living in Paris at the time.

Of Note:

  • Cornerstone ceremony: July 1935
  • Dedication: October 21, 1937
  • First director: Dr. Pol Nespoulous
  • Architect: Edward Crevel
  • Dr. Harvey Burkhart was conferred the decoration of Commander of the Legion of Honor by Prefect of the Seine Achillle Viley for his service in establishing the clinic in Paris.
  • In 1945 entertainer Bob Hope was visiting war torn countries in Europe. He was with a sergeant who was looking to have his glasses repaired. They arrived at the Eastman Dental clinic in Paris, where a dental technician from Chicago fixed the glasses. Hope noted that the clinic was a “beautiful, marvelously equipped building."
    From: “Taken for a Ride in Paris” by Bob Hope, 1945, King Features Syndicate Inc.
  • Dedication marked the conclusion of the establishment of Eastman's clinics in Europe

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