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Health Home Care Management

UR Medicine participates in the Department of Health - Health Home Care Management Program. This is a service where caregivers, including an individual’s primary care physician and any others who provide him or her with health care, communicate to ensure that the person receives everything necessary to stay healthy, out of the emergency room and out of the hospital.

The help individuals receive is driven by their goals and the needs identified in meeting these goals. Some examples might include:

  • Housing or legal assistance
  • Helping individuals to become involved in social or community activities
  • Assuring a person is eating well
  • Other activities to keep individuals healthy

The UR Medicine Health Home Care Management Program provides services to Medicaid and Medicaid/Medicare enrollees associated with the Greater Rochester Health Home Network (GRHHN) and the Health Home of Upstate NY (HHUNY).

For More Information

To obtain more information, and make a referral, please call either of the following:

  • UR Medicine Health Home Care Management: (585) 279-4924
  • The Greater Rochester Health Home Network: (585) 350-1400
  • Health Home of Upstate New York: (585) 613-7642

An easy-to-use referral can also be found on the Monroe County Office of Mental Health website.