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UR Medicine / Neurosurgery / Services / Pain Management / 2013 Award American Pain Society


2013 American Pain Society Clinical Centers of Excellence in Pain Management Awards Program

coeThe URMC Neuromedicine Pain Management program is proud to announce it has been recognized for its excellence as a 2013 recipient of the American Pain Society Clinical Centers of Excellence in Pain Management Awards Program, thus advancing the quality of pain management in the United States by recognizing and rewarding excellence in quality clinical care.

This prestigious award is given annually and recognizes pain-care teams that overcome difficult challenges to provide outstanding, exemplary care for those with chronic pain disorders, acute pain after surgery or trauma and in palliative care settings for pain from cancer and other terminal conditions.

The URMC Neuromedicine Pain Management program is categorized by the APS as a University-based program which, in addition to providing superior clinical care, is an exemplar of academic excellence, with active research, educational, and administrative programs. The American Pain Society Clinical Center of Excellence in Pain Management Award honors programs that:

  • Provide care that is patient-centered, state-of-the-art, evidence- based, and safe.
  • Provide appropriate access to multidisciplinary and multimodal care through the involvement of specialists from a variety of disciplines to ensure expert care.
  • Act as local champions to improve pain management in systems of care that are related to the program, and/or are regional or national.
  • Demonstrate innovation and serve as models of excellence in the structure, processes, and outcomes that are critical for excellence in pain management.
  • Actively work with other health care organizations, health care providers, and the community to improve the quality of pain management across the continuum of care.
  • Demonstrate a commitment to advancing and applying current scientific knowledge related to pain and disseminating relevant information to patients, colleagues, and the public.

As part of the University of Rochester’s Department of Neurosurgery, the Neuromedicine Pain Management program is a true, multidisciplinary model of care.  Its model offers tailored, disease management and provides diagnostic accuracy with economical care. It encompasses an interpretation of the context of the disease, individual to the patient.  This can only be accomplished with a group of experts who have the knowledge and ability to assess when a symptom or incidental finding may have very little to do with the true disease at hand, and recommend appropriate treatment. At the The Neuromedicine Pain Management program, this is our unique expertise.