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Fetal Monitoring (EFM) Resources

Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring: Pathophysiology and Practice Textbook and Post-Test

The Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring textbook and post-test are ideal for clinicians who want to learn and reinforce their knowledge, and for supervisors and educators to document staff proficiency. Each Post-Test with a score of 80% or higher will be eligible for 28.0 nursing contact hours. Note: One person per post-test.

Essentials of Fetal Monitoring

Our Essentials of Fetal Monitoring program was developed to supplement nurse education plans for preparing and maintaining fetal monitoring certificates and certifications, including the NCC EFM-Certificate exam.* Using NICHD nomenclature, the Essentials of Fetal Monitoring program quickly and effectively teaches obstetric care providers new to electronic fetal monitoring the essentials of fetal heart rate monitoring interpretation and fetal physiology. This online program is eligible for 15 CNE Contact Hours (100% EFM, 25% Rx) for certificate maintenance. The online program is broken out into 4 courses and a post-test, and is accessible online at anytime in our new learning management system to individual providers and hospital groups.

Essentials of Fetal Monitoring Flyer

PeriFACTS® Online Continuing Education Program - Obstetrics with Fetal Monitoring Subscription

1-year subscription eligible for a minimum 36 nursing contact hours or CME credits annually, and can be used for EFM-certificate maintenance. Each subscription to our Obstetrics with Fetal Monitoring online continuing education course includes each month:

  • Two Obstetric articles and case studies, with Fetal Heart Rate Monitoring Strip Interpretations, eligible for nursing contact hour/CME credit
  • One Gynecology article and case, eligible for nursing contact hour/CME credit
  • Educational video, eligible for nursing contact hour credit
  • menoPAUSE article
  • Clinical Quandary article, our members-only advice column
  • Access to online web-rounds lectures relating to women’s health

Subscriptions are available for individuals or groups. Subscriptions are also available for our Antepartum/Postpartum course. Each member chooses their specific subscription.

Fetal Heart Rate Interpretation Videos

Proper Interpretation of fetal heart rate (FHR) tracings provides a foundation for safe labor management. In this series of videos, Dr. James Woods will explain how characteristics of different FHR tracings can provide a window of understanding into the health of the fetus.