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Burack, Mosmann Receive $50K Wilmot Pilot Grant

burackDr. Richard Burack, director of Hematopathology, together with Dr. Tim Mosmann of the Center for Vaccine Biology and Immunology, has received a $50,000 pilot grant from Wilmot Cancer Institute.

The investigators will use the funding to develop multiple research collaborations to investigate the role of immune-senescence in lymphomagenesis, the role of immune microenvironment in determining response to therapy, and the role of immune function in the symptoms of lymphoma via analysis of rare immune cell populations by advanced flow cytometry.


The proposal was one of two winners in the latest round of Wilmot Pilot Awards for cancer research, announced in July. There were seven applicants in total.

According to research director Hucky Land, Ph.D, the awards went to the projects that the reviewers thought had the most potential to develop into Program Project Grants (P01) from the National Institute of Health (NIH). Wilmot’s goal is to obtain several P01s in the coming years.

- Courtesy of Wilmot Cancer Institute


Bethany Bushen | 8/1/2016

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