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Postdoctoral Associate Position

The Paul M. Schyve, MD Center for Bioethics (Schyve Center) at the University of Rochester School of Medicine and Dentistry is offering a two-year full-time Postdoctoral Associate position for PhDs in a range of fields. The 2022-2024 Postdoctoral Associate position is offered in collaboration with the University of Rochester Medical Center’s Office of Equity and Inclusion, with the Department of Health Humanities & Bioethics in the School of Medicine and the Department of History on the main campus. Start date: July 1, 2022 or as soon as filled.

Applications due: February 21, 2022.

For more details, see our posting on the Postdoctoral Positions page.

Student Summer Fellowships

The Paul M. Schyve, MD Center for Bioethics solicits applications for summer student fellowships in early spring. This 8-week experience allows up to 2 selected medical, graduate or undergraduate students to focus on research relevant to bioethical issues. The students will work with a team of faculty members and will have the opportunity to present their findings to the Schyve Center leadership group and/or other poster sessions. 

For additional information, please contact Christine Donnelly for further information.

Current Awardees and Projects

Lilia Shen, Class of 2025
Project: “Narratives of Pain: A Qualitative Research Study in Adolescents and Young Adults with Sickle Cell Disease
Faculty Preceptors: Dr. Jessica C. Shand, Departments of Pediatrics, Health Humanities and Bioethics; Dr. Suzie A. Noronha, Department of Pediatrics; Director, Pediatric Sickle Cell Program
Description: Adolescents and young adults with sickle cell disease are particularly vulnerable to health disparities, racial bias, and social isolation. Lilia conducted a thematic analysis of interviews with sickle cell patients about their experiences with chronic pain which will be used to develop clinical and educational interventions that improve patient outcomes, while participating in the Pediatric Comprehensive Sickle Cell Clinic. Lilia has submitted her research as a first-author abstract to the 2022 American Society of Hematology national meeting and will continue on the study team.

Caleb Obregón, Class of 2025
Project: “Impact of spiritual care and chaplaincy consultation on ethical dilemmas in Neurology and the Neuromedicine ICU
Faculty Preceptors: Dr. Jessica C. Shand, Departments of Pediatrics, Health Humanities, and Bioethics; Dr. Sue Ouelette, Department of Neurology, URMC Office of Chaplaincy
Description: Caleb’s research focuses on improving identification of spiritual care needs, particularly when ethical dilemmas arise around goals of care and capacity assessment, for patients with serious neurologic disease. Caleb worked with chaplain researchers to explore patterns of chaplaincy and ethics consultation, particularly in patients receiving palliative care. Caleb is submitting his work to the 2022 Conference on Medicine and Religion and will continue to research the impact of chaplaincy consultation on the resolution of ethical dilemmas in multiple settings.

Previous Awardees and Projects


Carly Eiduson, Class of 2024
Project Title - Evaluating the perceptions, attitudes, and beliefs of bedside nurses in the NICU and PICU about the ethical use of renal replacement therapy in pediatric patients
Faculty Preceptors: Carly Eiduson; Marjorie Shaw, J.D., Ph.D.; Ayesa Mian, M.D.; and Ronnie Guillet, M.D., Ph.D.

Caroline Farmer, Class of 2024
Project Title
- Themes in Medical Schools' Definitions of Professionalism
Faculty Preceptors: Caroline Farmer, URSMD Class of 2024 Research Mentor: David Lambert, M.D., URSMD 


Davy Ran, MPH. MD Candidate, Class of 2022
Project Title - Medial School Curricula and the Teaching and Conceptualization of Gender According to A Multi-Metric Bioethical Analysis
Faculty Preceptors: Dr. Chin-to Fong and Dr. Timothy Quill

Arielle Schecter, MD Candidate, Class of 2022
Project Title
- Facilitators and Barriers to Safe Sex and Effective Contraceptive in Deaf Women: A Mixed-Methods Study
Faculty Preceptors: Tiffany Panko, M.D., M.B.A.


Award recipient paper:  2020 Editor's Choice, Exemplary Resource

Rizk N, Jones S, Shaw MH, Morgan A. Using forum theater as a teaching tool to combat patient bias directed toward health care professionals. MedEdPORTAL. 2020;16:11022.

Nina Ritz, MD Candidate, Class of 2022
Project Title - Dramatic Roleplaying Using "Forum Theatre" as a Teaching Tool to Combat Patient Bias
Faculty Preceptors: Margie Shaw, JD, Ph.D., and Adrienne Morgan, Ph.D.

Shuanpaul Jones, MD Candidate Class of 2021
Project Title - Dramatic Roleplaying Using "Forum Theatre" as a Teaching Tool to Combat Patient Bias
Faculty Preceptors: Margie Shaw, JD, Ph.D., and Adrienne Morgan, Ph.D.