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Insel Family Fund

Dr. Insel and his family have donated money to the Department of Pediatrics to establish a program for eligible faculty and fellows for the purpose of acquiring new methodologies, participating in a unique research experience, or to bring in outside experts to teach new methodologies here at our facility. Money is available also to attend a registered course in topics appropriate to the research of the faculty member, such as a Cold Spring Harbor course.

Any faculty member, fellow or resident in the Department of Pediatrics who desires to benefit from this funding should state in a memo to Dr. George Schwartz the reasons for requesting support, what the support will be used for, and how it will be applied in the laboratory. A budget page should be included, describing the expenses for which money is requested. Also, a talk on the information obtained from the conference and a sharing of the methodologies must be provided to a general audience upon return from the meeting or after the expert has left the institution. Restitution of funds will not occur until such a presentation takes place. It is believed that the yearly endowment from this award would be able to finance some three to ten experiences. Enclose, in addition to the description of the project, its relevance to your present or future funding, an NIH CV, and an abstract plus specific aims of any of your proposals for funding that would make use of such an experience.

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