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Small Grants

Information on the next round of Small Grants funding will be made available by mid-2021.

The goal of the Strong Children’s Research Center funding is to encourage collaboration and career development interactions between faculty at or above senior instructor level with a doctoral level degree. Priority will be given to the potential for extramural funding, career enhancing interactions for pediatric faculty, and significant mentoring relationships. Proposals in areas of basic science, translational science, and health services research are welcome.


Support for one year starts January 1 and ranges from $5,000 to $25,000, depending on budgetary requirements and scientific merit. Progress reports are due 12 months after funding. Upon request, the program can award a six (6) month extension, without penalty.

While this proposal may be alternative to extramural applications, it is expected that a more extensive proposal will be submitted to extramural agencies within 24 months after this award is made.

Timetable and Review Process

  • TBD
    Preliminary Applications Due – one page summary of proposal and one page summary of the role of collaborators and mentor if any.
  • TBD
    Selection of meritorious preliminary applications and notification of successful applicants.
  • TBD
    Deadline for Final Detailed Proposals – this includes up to 5 pages for specific aims, background, methodological approaches, and preliminary findings. In addition, applications must include CVs and support sections for PI and collaborators and an itemized budget.
  • TBD
    Notification of successful applications. Funding will begin TBD.


Please email an electronic copy of the application (Preliminary or Final Proposal) to:

No salary support for the principal investigator can be budgeted from these grants.

Publications resulting from this funding should list the support of the Strong Children’s Research Center.