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Linda M. Schiffhauer, M.D.

Linda M. Schiffhauer, M.D.


About Me

Faculty Appointments

Associate Professor - Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (SMD)


Post-doctoral Training & Residency

Fellowship, Pathology, Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology, UPMC Credentials Verification Office. 1996 - 1997

Fellowship, Pathology, Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. 1996 - 1997

Residency, Pathology, Anatomic Pathology & Clinical Pathology, Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania. 1992 - 1996


MD | Albany Medical College. 1992


Eric A Schenk Award for Excellence in Teaching. 2011

George W Merck Dean's Teaching Fellow, Mentor-Janet Sparks PhD. 2006 - 2008

Breast Cancer Research. 1996 - 1997

Albany Medical College Alumni Scholarship. 1988

University of Rochester Alumni Scholarship. 1988

Wilcox Scholarship. 1988


Dr. Schiffhauer's research activities have focused on the expression of C35 and HER-2 in breast cancer.


Journal Articles

Optical segmentation of unprocessed breast tissue for margin assessment.

Wilson RA, Zavislan JM, Schiffhauer LM

The Breast : official journal of the European Society of Mastology.. 2014 August 23 (4):413-22. Epub 05/21/2014.

Design and validation of two optical beacons for guidewire localization in breast-conserving surgery.

Wilson RA, McAleavey SA, Schiffhauer LM, Zavislan J

Applied optics.. 2013 June 1052 (17):4024-34. Epub 1900 01 01.

The ubiquitin E3 ligase WWP1 decreases CXCL12-mediated MDA231 breast cancer cell migration and bone metastasis.

Subik K, Shu L, Wu C, Liang Q, Hicks D, Boyce B, Schiffhauer L, Chen D, Chen C, Tang P, Xing L

Bone.. 2012 April 50 (4):813-23. Epub 01/11/2012.

Online Teaching and Assessment Modules for Rotations in Surgical Pathology

Bryant, B (trainee); Maskovyak, A (trainee); Schiffhauer, L; Bryant, R; Cao, W; diSant'Agnese, P; et al.

MedEdPORTAL. 2012; .

Comparative effectiveness of ductal carcinoma in situ management and the roles of margins and surgeons.

Dick AW, Sorbero MS, Ahrendt GM, Hayman JA, Gold HT, Schiffhauer L, Stark A, Griggs JJ

Journal of the National Cancer Institute.. 2011 January 19103 (2):92-104. Epub 01/03/2011.

Heat shock protein 27 differentiates tolerogenic macrophages that may support human breast cancer progression.

Banerjee S, Lin CF, Skinner KA, Schiffhauer LM, Peacock J, Hicks DG, Redmond EM, Morrow D, Huston A, Shayne M, Langstein HN, Miller-Graziano CL, Strickland J, O'Donoghue L, De AK

Cancer research.. 2011 January 1571 (2):318-27. Epub 01/11/2011.

Standardized Assessment of the Her2 Status in Breast Cancer by Immunohistochemistry.

Hicks, DG; Schiffhauer LM.

Lab Medicine. 2011; 42(8): 459-467.

Giant pancreatic tumor with clinical characteristics of insulinoma but without common pathologic features.

Oberheim NA, Kim A, Farkas RL, Ruan DT, Schoeniger LO, Schiffhauer LM, Moalem J

Endocrine practice : official journal of the American College of Endocrinology and the American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists.. 2011 17 (2):e12-6. Epub 1900 01 01.

A lower Allred score for progesterone receptor is strongly associated with a higher recurrence score of 21-gene assay in breast cancer.

Tang P, Wang J, Hicks DG, Wang X, Schiffhauer L, McMahon L, Yang Q, Shayne M, Huston A, Skinner KA, Griggs J, Lyman G

Cancer investigation.. 2010 November 28 (9):978-82. Epub 1900 01 01.

Images in surgery. Spontaneous bilateral breast necrosis due to calciphylaxis.

Schiffhauer LM, Skinner KA

Surgery.. 2009 September 146 (3):521-2. Epub 09/19/2008.

Confocal microscopy of unfixed breast needle core biopsies: a comparison to fixed and stained sections.

Schiffhauer LM, Boger JN, Bonfiglio TA, Zavislan JM, Zuley M, Alessi Fox C

BMC cancer.. 2009 August 39 :265. Epub 08/03/2009.

The pen and the scalpel: effect of diffusion of information on nonclinical variations in surgical treatment.

Griggs JJ, Sorbero ME, Ahrendt GM, Stark A, Heininger S, Gold HT, Schiffhauer LM, Dick AW

Medical care.. 2009 July 47 (7):749-57. Epub 1900 01 01.

Metastatic versus primary oncocytic papillary adenocarcinoma of the endometrium: a report of a case and review of the literature.

Tretheway D, Gebhardt JG, Dogra VS, Schiffhauer LM

International journal of gynecological pathology : official journal of the International Society of Gynecological Pathologists.. 2009 May 28 (3):256-61. Epub 1900 01 01.

C35 (C17orf37) is a novel tumor biomarker abundantly expressed in breast cancer.

Evans EE, Henn AD, Jonason A, Paris MJ, Schiffhauer LM, Borrello MA, Smith ES, Sahasrabudhe DM, Zauderer M

Molecular cancer therapeutics.. 2006 November 5 (11):2919-30. Epub 1900 01 01.

Relationship between nuclear grade of ductal carcinoma in situ and cell origin markers.

Tang P, Wang X, Schiffhauer L, Wang J, Bourne P, Yang Q, Quinn A, Hajdu SI

Annals of clinical and laboratory science.. 2006 36 (1):16-22. Epub 1900 01 01.

Expression patterns of ER-alpha, PR, HER-2/neu, and EGFR in different cell origin subtypes of high grade and non-high grade ductal carcinoma in situ.

Tang P, Wang X, Schiffhauer L, Wang J, Bourne P, Yang Q, Quinn A, Hajdu S

Annals of clinical and laboratory science.. 2006 36 (2):137-43. Epub 1900 01 01.

Evaluation of flat panel detector cone beam CT breast imaging with different sizes of breast phantoms.

Ning, R.; Conover, D.; Lu, X.; Zhang, Y.; Yu, Y.; Schiffhauer, L.; Cullinan, J.

Proc. SPIE. 2005; 5745: 626-636.

Preliminary system characterization of flat-panel-detector-based cone beam CT for breast imaging.

Ning, R.; Yu, Y.; Conover, D.; Lu, X; He, H.; Chen, Z.; Schiffhauer, L.; Cullinan, J.

Proc. SPIE. 2004; 5368: 293-303.

Real-time flat-panel detector-based cone beam volume CT breast imaging: phantom and specimen study.

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Flat panel detector-based cone beam volume CT breast imaging: Phantom and specimen study.

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Flat panel detector-based cone beam colume CT mammography imaging: Preliminary phantom study.

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Pemphigus vulgaris of the cervix and upper vaginal vault: a cause of atypical papanicolaou smears.

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Pathology of Familial Breast Cancer (II): Multifactorial Analysis of Morphological Differences Between Breast Cancers due to BRCA1, BRCA2 and Controls.

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Development of donor-derived prostate cancer in a recipient following orthotopic heart transplantation.

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Predictors of Response to Primary Systemic Therapy (PST) with Docetaxel and Trastuzumab in HER-2-Positive Breast Cancer. (accepted for publication: Clinical Medicine: Oncology)

Rao MV; Griggs JJ; Schiffhauer LM; Messina P; Bourne P; and Ahrendt GM.

Clinical Medicine: Oncology. .

Optical Segmenteation of Unprocessed Breast Tissue for Margin Assessment

Wilson, RA (trainee); Zavislan, JM; Schiffhauer, LM.

(submission to The Breast). .


Advances in Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (1996)

Chapter: Analysis of susceptibility to inherited breast cancer with emphasis on BRCA1 and BRCA2

Authors: Couch, F.J.; Farid, L.M.; Weber, B.L.

Publisher: Mosby-Year Book, St. Louis, MO 1996