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Carlos Diaz-Balzac, M.D., Ph.D.

Carlos Diaz-Balzac, M.D., Ph.D.

Endocrinology, Diabetes & Metabolism


Appointment (585) 275-5681

About Me

Certified Specialties

Internal Medicine - American Board of Internal Medicine

Faculty Appointments

Assistant Professor - Department of Medicine, Endocrine/Metabolism (SMD)



MD PhD | Albert Einstein College of Medicine. Medicine. 2017

BS | University of Puerto Rico - Rio Piedras. Biology. 2007


Journal Articles

Developmental biology: A hole in the matrix.

Portman DS, Díaz-Balzac CA

Current biology : CB.. 2023 October 933 (19):R1016-R1018. Epub 1900 01 01.

Continuous subcutaneous insulin infusions: Closing the loop.

Díaz-Balzac CA, Pillinger D, Wittlin SD

The Journal of clinical endocrinology and metabolism.. 2022 December 27 Epub 12/27/2022.

Specific N-glycans regulate an extracellular adhesion complex during somatosensory dendrite patterning.

Rahman M, Ramirez-Suarez NJ, Diaz-Balzac CA, Bülow HE

EMBO reports.. 2022 July 523 (7):e54163. Epub 05/19/2022.

TIAM-1/GEF can shape somatosensory dendrites independently of its GEF activity by regulating F-actin localization.

Tang LT, Diaz-Balzac CA, Rahman M, Ramirez-Suarez NJ, Salzberg Y, Lázaro-Peña MI, Bülow HE

eLife.. 2019 January 298 Epub 01/29/2019.

Four specific immunoglobulin domains in UNC-52/Perlecan function with NID-1/Nidogen during dendrite morphogenesis in .

Celestrin K, Díaz-Balzac CA, Tang LTH, Ackley BD, Bülow HE

Development.. 2018 May 14145 (10)Epub 05/14/2018.

Synaptogenesis Is Modulated by Heparan Sulfate in .

Lázaro-Peña MI, Díaz-Balzac CA, Bülow HE, Emmons SW

Genetics.. 2018 May 209 (1):195-208. Epub 03/20/2018.

Holothurians as a Model System to Study Regeneration.

García-Arrarás JE, Lázaro-Peña MI, Díaz-Balzac CA

Results and problems in cell differentiation.. 2018 65 :255-283. Epub 1900 01 01.

A START-domain-containing protein is a novel marker of nervous system components of the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima.

Rosado-Olivieri EA, Ramos-Ortiz GA, Hernández-Pasos J, Díaz-Balzac CA, Vázquez-Rosa E, Valentín-Tirado G, Vega IE, García-Arrarás JE

Comparative biochemistry and physiology. Part B, Biochemistry & molecular biology.. 2017 December 214 :57-65. Epub 08/31/2017.

Coordination of Heparan Sulfate Proteoglycans with Wnt Signaling To Control Cellular Migrations and Positioning in .

Saied-Santiago K, Townley RA, Attonito JD, da Cunha DS, Díaz-Balzac CA, Tecle E, Bülow HE

Genetics.. 2017 August 206 (4):1951-1967. Epub 06/02/2017.

Muscle- and Skin-Derived Cues Jointly Orchestrate Patterning of Somatosensory Dendrites.

Díaz-Balzac CA, Rahman M, Lázaro-Peña MI, Martin Hernandez LA, Salzberg Y, Aguirre-Chen C, Kaprielian Z, Bülow HE

Current biology : CB.. 2016 September 1226 (17):2379-87. Epub 07/21/2016.

Holothurian Nervous System Diversity Revealed by Neuroanatomical Analysis.

Díaz-Balzac CA, Lázaro-Peña MI, Vázquez-Figueroa LD, Díaz-Balzac RJ, García-Arrarás JE

PloS one.. 2016 11 (3):e0151129. Epub 03/17/2016.

The Adhesion Molecule KAL-1/anosmin-1 Regulates Neurite Branching through a SAX-7/L1CAM-EGL-15/FGFR Receptor Complex.

Díaz-Balzac CA, Lázaro-Peña MI, Ramos-Ortiz GA, Bülow HE

Cell reports.. 2015 June 911 (9):1377-84. Epub 05/21/2015.

Novel markers identify nervous system components of the holothurian nervous system.

Díaz-Balzac CA, Vázquez-Figueroa LD, García-Arrarás JE

Invertebrate neuroscience : IN.. 2014 September 14 (2):113-25. Epub 04/17/2014.

Complex cooperative functions of heparan sulfate proteoglycans shape nervous system development in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Díaz-Balzac CA, Lázaro-Peña MI, Tecle E, Gomez N, Bülow HE

G3 : genes - genomes - genetics.. 2014 August 54 (10):1859-70. Epub 08/05/2014.

Skin-derived cues control arborization of sensory dendrites in Caenorhabditis elegans.

Salzberg Y, Díaz-Balzac CA, Ramirez-Suarez NJ, Attreed M, Tecle E, Desbois M, Kaprielian Z, Bülow HE

Cell.. 2013 October 10155 (2):308-20. Epub 1900 01 01.

Calbindin-D32k is localized to a subpopulation of neurons in the nervous system of the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima (Echinodermata).

Díaz-Balzac CA, Lázaro-Peña MI, García-Rivera EM, González CI, García-Arrarás JE

PloS one.. 2012 7 (3):e32689. Epub 03/07/2012.

The catecholaminergic nerve plexus of Holothuroidea.

Díaz-Balzac CA, Mejías W, Jiménez LB, García-Arrarás JE

Zoomorphology.. 2010 May 1129 (2):99-109. Epub 1900 01 01.

Neuroanatomy of the tube feet and tentacles in Holothuria glaberrima (Holothuroidea, Echinodermata).

Díaz-Balzac CA, Abreu-Arbelo JE, García-Arrarás JE

Zoomorphology.. 2010 129 (1):33-43. Epub 1900 01 01.

Identification of nerve plexi in connective tissues of the sea cucumber Holothuria glaberrima by using a novel nerve-specific antibody.

Díaz-Balzac CA, Santacana-Laffitte G, San Miguel-Ruíz JE, Tossas K, Valentín-Tirado G, Rives-Sánchez M, Mesleh A, Torres II, García-Arrarás JE

The Biological bulletin.. 2007 August 213 (1):28-42. Epub 1900 01 01.