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Dineen M, Hansen E, Guancial E, Sievert L, Sahasrabudhe D. "Abiraterone-induced rhabdomyolysis resulting in acute kidney injury: A case report and review of the literature." Journal of oncology pharmacy practice : official publication of the International Society of Oncology Pharmacy Practitioners.. 2018 Jun; 24(4):314-318. Epub 2017 Mar 29.

Kerns SL, Fung C, Monahan PO, Ardeshir-Rouhani-Fard S, Abu Zaid MI, Williams AM, Stump TE, Sesso HD, Feldman DR, Hamilton RJ, Vaughn DJ, Beard C, Huddart RA, Kim J, Kollmannsberger C, Sahasrabudhe DM, Cook R, Fossa SD, Einhorn LH, Travis LB, . "Cumulative Burden of Morbidity Among Testicular Cancer Survivors After Standard Cisplatin-Based Chemotherapy: A Multi-Institutional Study." Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.. 2018 May 20; 36(15):1505-1512. Epub 2018 Apr 04.

Pan C, Singh S, Sahasrabudhe DM, Chakkalakal JV, Krolewski JJ, Nastiuk KL. "TGF? Superfamily Members Mediate Androgen Deprivation Therapy-Induced Obese Frailty in Male Mice." Endocrinology.. 2016 Nov; 157(11):4461-4472. Epub 2016 Sep 09.

Loh KP, Mondo E, Hansen EA, Sievert L, Fung C, Sahasrabudhe DM, Guancial E. "Targeted Therapy Based on Tumor Genomic Analyses in Metastatic Urachal Carcinoma." Clinical genitourinary cancer.. 2016 Aug; 14(4):e449-52. Epub 2016 Mar 24.

Hansen E, Sahasrabudhe D, Sievert L. "A case report of insulin-dependent diabetes as immune-related toxicity of pembrolizumab: presentation, management and outcome." Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII.. 2016 Jun; 65(6):765-7. Epub 2016 Apr 11.

Fung C, Fossa SD, Milano MT, Sahasrabudhe DM, Peterson DR, Travis LB. "Reply to S. Alanee et al." Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.. 2016 Apr 10; 34(11):1285-6. Epub 2016 Feb 08.

Ban-Hoefen M, Burack R, Sievert L, Sahasrabudhe D. "Ipilimumab-Induced Neutropenia in Melanoma." Journal of investigative medicine high impact case reports.. 2016 4(3):2324709616661835. Epub 2016 Aug 09.

Fung C, Fossa SD, Milano MT, Sahasrabudhe DM, Peterson DR, Travis LB. "Cardiovascular Disease Mortality After Chemotherapy or Surgery for Testicular Nonseminoma: A Population-Based Study." Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.. 2015 Oct 1; 33(28):3105-15. Epub 2015 Aug 03.

Guancial EA, Roussel B, Bergsma DP, Bylund KC, Sahasrabudhe D, Messing E, Mohile SG, Fung C. "Bladder cancer in the elderly patient: challenges and solutions." Clinical interventions in aging.. 2015 10:939-49. Epub 2015 Jun 10.

Fung C, Pandya C, Guancial E, Noyes K, Sahasrabudhe DM, Messing EM, Mohile SG. "Impact of bladder cancer on health related quality of life in 1,476 older Americans: a cross-sectional study." The Journal of urology.. 2014 Sep; 192(3):690-5. Epub 2014 Apr 01.

Dunne RF, Sahasrabudhe DM, Messing EM, Jean-Gilles J, Fung C. "A case series of transformation of teratoma to primitive neuroectodermal tumor: evolving management of a rare malignancy." Rare tumors.. 2014 Jan 23; 6(1):5268. Epub 2014 Mar 18.

Verdoorn BP, Feng C, Ricke WA, Sahasrabudhe DM, Kilari D, Kohli M. "An observational study of plasma vascular endothelial growth factors (VEGF) A and D expression in non-localized prostate cancer." Journal of men's health.. 2012 Sep 1; 9(3):182-189.

Kohli M, Riska SM, Mahoney DW, Chai HS, Hillman DW, Rider DN, Costello BA, Qin R, Lamba J, Sahasrabudhe DM, Cerhan JR. "Germline predictors of androgen deprivation therapy response in advanced prostate cancer." Mayo Clinic proceedings.. 2012 Mar; 87(3):240-6.

Dhakal S, Corbin KS, Milano MT, Philip A, Sahasrabudhe D, Jones C, Constine LS. "Stereotactic body radiotherapy for pulmonary metastases from soft-tissue sarcomas: excellent local lesion control and improved patient survival." International journal of radiation oncology, biology, physics.. 2012 Feb 1; 82(2):940-5. Epub 2011 Jan 27.

Scosyrev E, Messing EM, van Wijngaarden E, Peterson DR, Sahasrabudhe D, Golijanin D, Fisher SG. "Neoadjuvant gemcitabine and cisplatin chemotherapy for locally advanced urothelial cancer of the bladder." Cancer.. 2012 Jan 1; 118(1):72-81. Epub 2011 Jun 30.

Kohli M, Rothberg PG, Feng C, Messing E, Joseph J, Rao SS, Hendershot A, Sahsrabudhe D. "Exploratory study of a KLK2 polymorphism as a prognostic marker in prostate cancer." Cancer biomarkers : section A of Disease markers.. 2010 7(2):101-8.

Corbin K, Fisher S, Sahasrabudhe D, Pandya K, Brasacchio R, Constine LS. "Five tumors over six years in eighth decade of life." Cancer investigation.. 2008 Jul; 26(6):634-7.

Bylund KC, Giampoli E, Singh D, Doerr T, Sahasrabudhe D, Liesveld J, Constine LS. "Soft tissue sarcoma in the setting of chronic cutaneous graft versus host disease after allogenic bone marrow transplantation." Cancer investigation.. 2008 Jul; 26(6):638-41.

Mohile SG; Berenji F; Sahasrabudhe D; Morrow G; Petrylak D. "Efficacy and safety of docetaxel in the elderly". Aging Health. 2008; 4(2).

Coppage M, Belanger T, Zauderer M, Sahasrabudhe D. "In vitro generation of tumor specific T cells that recognize a shared antigen of AML: molecular characterization of TCR genes." Leukemia research.. 2007 Feb; 31(2):195-202. Epub 2006 Jun 05.

Evans EE, Henn AD, Jonason A, Paris MJ, Schiffhauer LM, Borrello MA, Smith ES, Sahasrabudhe DM, Zauderer M. "C35 (C17orf37) is a novel tumor biomarker abundantly expressed in breast cancer." Molecular cancer therapeutics.. 2006 Nov; 5(11):2919-30.

Wagmiller JA, Griggs JJ, Dick AW, Sahasrabudhe DM. "Individualized strategy for dosing luteinizing hormone-releasing hormone agonists for androgen-independent prostate cancer: identification of outcomes and costs." Journal of oncology practice. 2006 Mar; 2(2):57-66.

Rosenberg JE, von der Maase H, Seigne JD, Mardiak J, Vaughn DJ, Moore M, Sahasrabudhe D, Palmer PA, Perez-Ruixo JJ, Small EJ. "A phase II trial of R115777, an oral farnesyl transferase inhibitor, in patients with advanced urothelial tract transitional cell carcinoma." Cancer.. 2005 May 15; 103(10):2035-41.

Shunyakov L, Ryan CK, Sahasrabudhe DM, Khorana AA. "The influence of host response on colorectal cancer prognosis." Clinical colorectal cancer.. 2004 May; 4(1):38-45.

Pandya KJ, Thummala AR, Griggs JJ, Rosenblatt JD, Sahasrabudhe DM, Guttuso TJ, Morrow GR, Roscoe JA. "Pilot study using gabapentin for tamoxifen-induced hot flashes in women with breast cancer." Breast cancer research and treatment.. 2004 Jan; 83(1):87-9.

Khorana AA, Rosenblatt JD, Sahasrabudhe DM, Evans T, Ladrigan M, Marquis D, Rosell K, Whiteside T, Phillippe S, Acres B, Slos P, Squiban P, Ross M, Kendra K. "A phase I trial of immunotherapy with intratumoral adenovirus-interferon-gamma (TG1041) in patients with malignant melanoma." Cancer gene therapy.. 2003 Apr; 10(4):251-9.

Khorana AA, Ryan CK, Cox C, Eberly S, Sahasrabudhe DM. "Vascular endothelial growth factor, CD68, and epidermal growth factor receptor expression and survival in patients with Stage II and Stage III colon carcinoma: a role for the host response in prognosis." Cancer.. 2003 Feb 15; 97(4):960-8.

Smith ES, Mandokhot A, Evans EE, Mueller L, Borrello MA, Sahasrabudhe DM, Zauderer M. "Lethality-based selection of recombinant genes in mammalian cells: application to identifying tumor antigens." Nature medicine.. 2001 Aug; 7(8):967-72.

Ifthikharuddin JJ, Mieles LA, Rosenblatt JD, Ryan CK, Sahasrabudhe DM. "CD-20 expression in post-transplant lymphoproliferative disorders: treatment with rituximab." American journal of hematology.. 2000 Oct; 65(2):171-3.

Woodlock TJ, Sahasrabudhe DM, Marquis DM, Greene D, Pandya KJ, McCune CS. "Active specific immunotherapy for metastatic colorectal carcinoma: phase I study of an allogeneic cell vaccine plus low-dose interleukin-1 alpha." Journal of immunotherapy.. 1999 May; 22(3):251-9.

Bennett JM, Sahasrabudhe DM, Hall WJ. "Medical oncology and geriatric medicine: is it time for fellowship integration?" Cancer.. 1997 Oct 1; 80(7):1351-3.

Sahasrabudhe DM, Dusel JC. "Effect of murine interferon alpha/beta on tumour-induced suppressor function." Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII.. 1994 Dec; 39(6):360-6.

Sahasrabudhe DM, Burstyn D, Dusel JC, Hibner BL, Collins JL, Zauderer M. "Shared T cell-defined antigens on independently derived tumors." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists.. 1993 Dec 1; 151(11):6302-10.

DeCross AJ, Sahasrabudhe DM. "Paraneoplastic Raynaud's phenomenon." The American journal of medicine.. 1992 May; 92(5):571-2.

Sahasrabudhe DM, Dusel J, Jedlika S. "Suppression of delayed type hypersensitivity by desferoxamine." Journal of immunotherapy : official journal of the Society for Biological Therapy.. 1991 Apr; 10(2):112-9.

McCune CS, O'Donnell RW, Marquis DM, Sahasrabudhe DM. "Renal cell carcinoma treated by vaccines for active specific immunotherapy: correlation of survival with skin testing by autologous tumor cells." Cancer immunology, immunotherapy : CII.. 1990 32(1):62-6.

Sahasrabudhe DM. "Inhibition of suppressor T lymphocytes by murine interferon beta." The Journal of experimental medicine.. 1987 Nov 1; 166(5):1573-8.

Sahasrabudhe DM, McCune CS, O'Donnell RW, Henshaw EC. "Inhibition of suppressor T lymphocytes (Ts) by cimetidine." The Journal of immunology : official journal of the American Association of Immunologists.. 1987 May 1; 138(9):2760-3.

Sahasrabudhe DM, deKernion JB, Pontes JE, Ryan DM, O'Donnell RW, Marquis DM, Mudholkar GS, McCune CS. "Specific immunotherapy with suppressor function inhibition for metastatic renal cell carcinoma." Journal of biological response modifiers. 1986 Dec; 5(6):581-94.

Capizzi RL, Yang JL, Cheng E, Bjornsson T, Sahasrabudhe D, Tan RS, Cheng YC. "Alteration of the pharmacokinetics of high-dose ara-C by its metabolite, high ara-U in patients with acute leukemia." Journal of clinical oncology : official journal of the American Society of Clinical Oncology.. 1983 Dec; 1(12):763-71.

Sahasrabudhe DM, Parker JC. "Decreasing M spike with increasing tumor burden in multiple myeloma." Archives of internal medicine.. 1981 Aug; 141(9):1152-3.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Soft Tissue Sarcoma
Book Title: Clinical Oncology, 8th Edition
Author List: Spiro, IJ; Suit, HD; Rosier, RN; Sahasrabudhe, DM
Edited By: Rubin P.
Published By: W.B. Saunders Company, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich Inc2001 in Philadelphia PA

Chapter Title: Bone Tumors
Book Title: Clinical Oncology, 8th Edition
Author List: Rosier, RN; O'Keefe, RJ; Sahasrabudhe, DM
Edited By: Rubin P.
Published By: W.B. Saunders Company, Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Inc2001 in Philadelphia PA