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Wang, R; Monuki, E; Powers, J; Schwartz, P; Watkins, P; Shi, Y; Moser, A; Shrier, DA; Wanders, R; Waterham, H; Abdenur, J. "Effects of hematopoietic stem cell transplantation on acyl-CoA oxidase deficiency: a sibling comparison study." Journal of Inherited Metabolic Disease. 2014; .

Uzochukwu NO, Shrier DA, Lapoint RJ. "Clear cell carcinoma of the base of the tongue: MR imaging findings." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 2007 Jan; 28(1):127-8.

Kinoshita T, Moritani T, Hiwatashi A, Wang HZ, Shrier DA, Numaguchi Y, Westesson PL. "Conspicuity of diffuse axonal injury lesions on diffusion-weighted MR imaging." European journal of radiology.. 2005 Oct; 56(1):5-11.

Lavigne CM, Shrier DA, Ketkar M, Powers JM. "Tacrolimus leukoencephalopathy: a neuropathologic confirmation." Neurology.. 2004 Sep 28; 63(6):1132-3.

Moritani T, Hiwatashi A, Shrier DA, Wang HZ, Numaguchi Y, Westesson PL. "CNS vasculitis and vasculopathy: efficacy and usefulness of diffusion-weighted echoplanar MR imaging." Clinical imaging.. 2004 28(4):261-70.

Hiwatashi A, Kinoshita T, Moritani T, Wang HZ, Shrier DA, Numaguchi Y, Ekholm SE, Westesson PL. "Hypointensity on diffusion-weighted MRI of the brain related to T2 shortening and susceptibility effects." AJR. American journal of roentgenology.. 2003 Dec; 181(6):1705-9.

Ketkar M, Shrier D. "An allergic reaction to intraarterial nonionic contrast material." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 2003 Feb; 24(2):292.

Kinoshita T, Moritani T, Shrier DA, Hiwatashi A, Wang HZ, Numaguchi Y, Westesson PL. "Diffusion-weighted MR imaging of posterior reversible leukoencephalopathy syndrome: a pictorial essay." Clinical imaging.. 2003 27(5):307-15.

Kinoshita T, Moritani T, Shrier DA, Wang HZ, Hiwatashi A, Numaguchi Y, Westesson PL. "Secondary degeneration of the substantia nigra and corticospinal tract after hemorrhagic middle cerebral artery infarction: diffusion-weighted MR findings." Magnetic resonance in medical sciences : MRMS : an official journal of Japan Society of Magnetic Resonance in Medicine. 2002 Nov 1; 1(3):175-8.

Byrne NP, Henry JC, Herrmann DN, Abdelhalim AN, Shrier DA, Francis CW, Powers JM. "Neuropathologic findings in a Guillain-Barré patient with strokes after IVIg therapy." Neurology.. 2002 Aug 13; 59(3):458-61.

Litman RS, Weissend EE, Shrier DA, Ward DS. "Morphologic changes in the upper airway of children during awakening from propofol administration." Anesthesiology.. 2002 Mar; 96(3):607-11.

Yamada K, Shrier DA, Rubio A, Shan Y, Zoarski GH, Yoshiura T, Iwanaga S, Nishimura T, Numaguchi Y. "Imaging findings in intracranial aspergillosis." Academic radiology.. 2002 Feb; 9(2):163-71.

Moritani T, Shrier DA, Numaguchi Y, Takahashi C, Yano T, Nakai K, Zhong J, Wang HZ, Shibata DK, Naselli SM. "Diffusion-weighted echo-planar MR imaging of CNS involvement in systemic lupus erythematosus." Academic radiology.. 2001 Aug; 8(8):741-53.

Shibata DK, Kwok E, Zhong J, Shrier D, Numaguchi Y. "Functional MR imaging of vision in the deaf." Academic radiology.. 2001 Jul; 8(7):598-604.

Yoshiura T, Shrier DA, Pilcher WH, Saunders CA. "Case report: Hemispheric juvenile pilocytic astrocytoma with extreme exophytic growth." Clinical radiology.. 2001 May; 56(5):427-30.

Higano S, Zhong J, Shrier DA, Shibata DK, Takase Y, Wang H, Numaguchi Y. "Diffusion anisotropy of the internal capsule and the corona radiata in association with stroke and tumors as measured by diffusion-weighted MR imaging." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 2001 Mar; 22(3):456-63.

Ito M, Baker JV, Mock DJ, Goodman AD, Blumberg BM, Shrier DA, Powers JM. "Human herpesvirus 6-meningoencephalitis in an HIV patient with progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy." Acta neuropathologica.. 2000 Sep; 100(3):337-41.

Ifthikharuddin SF, Shrier DA, Numaguchi Y, Tang X, Ning R, Shibata DK, Kurlan R. "MR volumetric analysis of the human basal ganglia: normative data." Academic radiology.. 2000 Aug; 7(8):627-34.

Iwanaga S, Yoshiura T, Shrier DA, Numaguchi Y. "Efficacy of targeted CT angiography in evaluation of intracranial internal carotid artery disease." Academic radiology.. 2000 May; 7(5):325-34.

Higano S, Shrier DA, Numaguchi Y, Shibata DK, Kwok E. "Characteristics and pitfalls of contrast-enhanced, T1-weighted magnetization transfer images of the brain." Academic radiology.. 2000 Mar; 7(3):156-64.

Yoshiura T, Higano S, Rubio A, Shrier DA, Kwok WE, Iwanaga S, Numaguchi Y. "Heschl and superior temporal gyri: low signal intensity of the cortex on T2-weighted MR images of the normal brain." Radiology.. 2000 Jan; 214(1):217-21.

Moritani T; Shrier DA; Numaguchi Y; Takase Y; Takahashi C; Wang HZ; Shibata DK; Abe T; Ukisu R; Ohgiya Y; Tsuchiya A; Kushihashi T; Gokan T; Munechika H. "Diffusion-weighted echo-planar MR imaging: clinical applications and pitfalls. A pictorial essay." J Clin Imag. 2000; 24(4): 181-192.

Qian J, Rubio A, Powers JM, Rosenblum MK, Pilcher WH, Shrier DA, Stein BM, Ito M, Iannucci A. "Fibro-osseous lesions of the central nervous system: report of four cases and literature review." The American journal of surgical pathology.. 1999 Oct; 23(10):1270-5.

Yoshiura T, Zhong J, Shibata DK, Kwok WE, Shrier DA, Numaguchi Y. "Functional MRI study of auditory and visual oddball tasks." Neuroreport.. 1999 Jun 3; 10(8):1683-8.

Shrier DA, Melville D, Millet D, Qian J, Millet D, Nelson C, Pilcher W, Powers JM. "Fibro-osseous lesions involving the brain: MRI." Neuroradiology.. 1999 Jan; 41(1):18-21.

Iwanaga S, Shrier DA, Okawara SH, Numaguchi Y. "Value of CT angiography in the evaluation of a peripheral anterior inferior cerebellar artery aneurysm: case report." Clinical imaging.. 1999 23(2):77-80.

Shrier DA, Shibata DK, Wang HZ, Numaguchi Y, Powers JM. "Central brain herniation secondary to juvenile diabetic ketoacidosis." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 1999 20(10):1885-8.

Yamada K, Patel U, Shrier DA, Tanaka H, Chang JK, Numaguchi Y. "MR imaging of CNS tractopathy: wallerian and transneuronal degeneration." AJR. American journal of roentgenology.. 1998 Sep; 171(3):813-8.

Holloway RG, Courtright CE, Rahilly CR, Totterman SM, Shrier D. "Magnetic resonance imaging in delayed brachial plexopathy following a clavicular fracture." European neurology.. 1998 Aug; 40(2):105-6.

Yamada K, Shrier DA, Rubio A, Yoshiura T, Iwanaga S, Shibata DK, Patel U, Numaguchi Y. "MR imaging of the mamillothalamic tract." Radiology.. 1998 Jun; 207(3):593-8.

Yamada K, Shrier DA, Tanaka H, Numaguchi Y. "A case of subacute combined degeneration: MRI findings." Neuroradiology.. 1998 Jun; 40(6):398-400.

Tanaka H, Patel U, Shrier DA, Coniglio JU. "Pseudoaneurysm of the petrous internal carotid artery after skull base infection and prevertebral abscess drainage." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 1998 Mar; 19(3):502-4.

Shrier DA; Tanaka H; Numaguchi Y; Konno S; Patel U; Shibata D. "Intracranial vascular occlusive disease and CTA: correlation with MRA, DSA and Xenon CT." RSNA 1997 Scientific Exhibit Sampler. 1998; : compact disk.

Yoshiura T, Shrier DA, Pilcher WH, Rubio A. "Cervical spinal meningioma with unusual MR contrast enhancement." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 1998 19(6):1040-2.

Shrier DA, Wang AR, Patel U, Monajati A, Chess P, Numaguchi Y. "Benign fibrous histiocytoma of the nasal cavity in a newborn: MR and CT findings." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 1998 19(6):1166-8.

Yamada K, Shrier DA, Tanaka H, Okawara SH. "Cerebral giant aneurysm with extensive vasogenic edema." Radiation medicine.. 1998 16(4):305-7.

Yamada K; Whitbeck MG; Numaguchi Y; Shrier DA. "Symptomatic vertebral hemangioma: atypical spoke-wheel trabeculation pattern." Radiation Med. 1997; 15(4): 239-241.

Shrier DA, Tanaka H, Numaguchi Y, Konno S, Patel U, Shibata D. "CT angiography in the evaluation of acute stroke." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 1997 18(6):1011-20.

Tanaka H, Numaguchi Y, Konno S, Shrier DA, Shibata DK, Patel U. "Initial experience with helical CT and 3D reconstruction in therapeutic planning of cerebral AVMs: comparison with 3D time-of-flight MRA and digital subtraction angiography." Journal of computer assisted tomography.. 1997 21(5):811-7.

Konno S, Numaguchi Y, Shrier DA, Qian J, Sinkin RA. "Unusual manifestation of a vein of Galen malformation: value of CT angiography." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 1996 Sep; 17(8):1423-6.

Shrier DA, Rubio A, Numaguchi Y, Powers JM. "Infarcted spinal schwannoma: an unusual MR finding." AJNR. American journal of neuroradiology.. 1996 Sep; 17(8):1566-8.

Shrier D, Skucas J, Weiss S. "Diverticulitis: an evaluation by computed tomography and contrast enema." The American journal of gastroenterology.. 1991 Oct; 86(10):1466-71.

Shrier DA, Taniguchi O, Barnett EV. "Fixation of complement by anti-F(ab')2 antibodies or ssDNA when added to systemic lupus erythematosus sera." The Journal of rheumatology.. 1984 Apr; 11(2):182-7.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: CT Angiography of Cerebral Arteriovenous Malformations.
Book Title: Advances in Interventional Neuroradiology and Neurosurgery.
Author List: Konno S, Numaguchi Y, Shrier DA, Patel U, Tanaka H, Schell M, Nelson D, Maurer P, Nichols J.
Edited By: Taki W, Picard L, Kikuchi H.
Published By: Amsterdam: Elsevier1996