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Karen M. Wilson, M.D., M.P.H.

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Appointment: (585) 276-3000

URMFGA member of the University of Rochester Medical Faculty Group

groupAn Accountable Health Partner

assignmentAccepting New Patients

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I am interested in the management of hospitalized children, in particular children with complex medical problems who may require multiple specialties, long stays, frequent hospitalizations, and close coordination with other care providers.

Professional Background

Dr. Wilson was at the University of Rochester for all of her training and as a junior faculty member. In 2012, she left to serve as the Section Head for Pediatric Hospital Medicine at Children’s Hospital Colorado, and then as the Debra and Leon Black Professor and Division Chief of General Pediatrics and Vice-Chair for Clinical and Translational Research at the Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai. In 2021, she returned to the University of Rochester to continue her research and to lead research efforts in the Department and the Medical School. She is the Chair of the AAP’s Tobacco Consortium. In addition, Dr. Wilson is the Chair of the Pediatric Research in Inpatient Settings (PRIS) Network Executive Council, and is the incoming Chair of the American Board of Pediatrics’ Pediatric Hospital Medicine Sub-board. She is also an Associate Editor for Nelson’s Textbook of Pediatrics, and the Deputy Editor of Hospital Pediatrics.
Clinically, Dr. Wilson is board certified in Pediatric Hospital Medicine, and she cares for children hospitalized with general pediatric conditions, children with medical complexity, and children with diagnostic uncertainty


Dr. Wilson has more than 20 years of experience researching the impact of secondhand tobacco smoke exposure on children, tobacco smoke exposure in multi-unit housing, and how to help parents quit smoking. More recently, she has developed a research program in secondhand marijuana smoke exposure, and has called attention to concerns over children’s exposure with increased legalization. Dr. Wilson been funded by the National Cancer Institute to study an inpatient parent smoking cessation intervention, and to develop inpatient tobacco use screening and referral tools. She has worked closely with other pediatricians and policy makers to translate her research into public policy, especially in the area of tobacco smoke incursions in multi-unit housing. Dr. Wilson is also committed to supporting the next generation of researchers through mentorship and coaching.



  • Pediatric Hospital Medicine - American Board of Pediatrics


MPH | University of Rochester

MD | University of Rochester School of Medicine/Dentistry

Post-doctoral Training & Residency

07/01/2007 - 06/30/2009
Fellowship in Pediatrics at Golisano Children's Hospital-University of Rochester

07/01/2005 - 06/30/2007
Residency in Pediatrics at Golisano Children's Hospital-University of Rochester

07/01/2004 - 06/30/2005
Internship in Pediatrics at Golisano Children's Hospital-University of Rochester

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The Dean's Award

Robert J. Haggerty Prize in Pediatrics

Alpha Omega Alpha

Speaker, White Coat Ceremony

Gilbert B. Forbes Prize in Pediatrics

Cum Laude
Location: St. Lawrence University

Psi Chi
Sponsor: National Psychology Honorary

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Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Signs
Book Title: Body Language: Poems of the Medical Training Experience
Author List: In Jain N, Coppock D, Brown Clark S, Wilson KM
Published By: BOA Editions 2006 in Rochester, NY

Chapter Title: Shaking the tree of knowledge for forbidden fruit: Where adolescents learn about sexuality and contraception.
Book Title: Sexual Teens, Sexual Media
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