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Steven L. Barnett, M.D.

Family Medicine


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Journal Articles

Buckley G; Smith S; DeCaro J; Barnett S; Dewhurst S. "Building community with deaf scientists." Science. 2017; (Jan 20); 355(6322): 255.

Pollard RQ, Betts WR, Carroll JK, Waxmonsky JA, Barnett S, Degruy FV, Pickler LL, Kellar-Guenther Y. "Integrating primary care and behavioral health with four special populations: Children with special needs, people with serious mental illness, refugees, and deaf people." The American psychologist.. 2014 69(4):377-87.

McKee MM, Smith S, Barnett S, Pearson TA. "Commentary: What are the benefits of training deaf and hard-of-hearing doctors?" Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.. 2013 Feb 0; 88(2):158-61.

Barnett S, Klein JD, Pollard Jr RQ, Samar V, Schlehofer D, Starr M, Sutter E, Yang H, Pearson TA. "Community participatory research with deaf sign language users to identify health inequities." American journal of public health.. 2011 Dec 0; 101(12):2235-8. Epub 2011 Oct 20.

Pandhi N, Schumacher JR, Barnett S, Smith MA. "Hearing loss and older adults' perceptions of access to care." Journal of community health.. 2011 Oct 0; 36(5):748-55.

McKee MM, Barnett SL, Block RC, Pearson TA. "Impact of communication on preventive services among deaf American Sign Language users." American journal of preventive medicine.. 2011 Jul 0; 41(1):75-9.

Mathews JL, Parkhill AL, Schlehofer DA, Starr MJ, Barnett S. "Role-reversal exercise with Deaf Strong Hospital to teach communication competency and cultural awareness." American journal of pharmaceutical education.. 2011 Apr 11; 75(3):53.

Barnett S, McKee M, Smith SR, Pearson TA. "Deaf sign language users, health inequities, and public health: opportunity for social justice." Preventing chronic disease. 2011 Mar 0; 8(2):A45. Epub 2011 Feb 15.

Pollard RQ, Barnett S. "Health-related vocabulary knowledge among deaf adults." Rehabilitation psychology. 2009 May 0; 54(2):182-5.

Fiscella K, Meldrum S, Barnett S. "Hospital discharge against advice after myocardial infarction: deaths and readmissions." The American journal of medicine.. 2007 Dec 0; 120(12):1047-53.

Barnett S. "Children/families with hearing loss – more research needed." [Invited commentary]. Annals of Family Medicine. 2007; 5.

Steinberg AG, Barnett S, Meador HE, Wiggins EA, Zazove P. "Health care system accessibility. Experiences and perceptions of deaf people." Journal of general internal medicine.. 2006 Mar 0; 21(3):260-6.

Fiscella K, Franks P, Meldrum S, Barnett S. "Racial disparity in surgical complications in New York State." Annals of surgery.. 2005 Aug 0; 242(2):151-5.

Barnett S. "Communication with deaf and hard-of-hearing people: a guide for medical education." Academic medicine : journal of the Association of American Medical Colleges.. 2002 Jul 0; 77(7):694-700.

Barnett S. "Cross-cultural communication with patients who use American Sign Language." Family medicine.. 2002 May 0; 34(5):376-82.

Barnett S, Franks P. "Health care utilization and adults who are deaf: relationship with age at onset of deafness." Health services research.. 2002 Feb 0; 37(1):105-20.

Barnett S. "A hearing problem." [Solicited case commentary for the Curbside Consultation section]. American Family Physician. 2002; 66(5): 911-915.

Stein MT, Barnett S, Padden CA. "Parental request to withhold a hearing test in a newborn of deaf parents." Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics : JDBP.. 2001 Apr 0; 22(2 Suppl):S77-80.

Barnett S, Franks P. "Telephone ownership and deaf people: implications for telephone surveys." American journal of public health.. 1999 Nov 0; 89(11):1754-6.

Stein MT, Barnett S, Padden CA. "Parental request to withhold a hearing test in a newborn of deaf parents." Journal of developmental and behavioral pediatrics : JDBP.. 1999 Jun 0; 20(3):177-80.

Barnett S, Franks P. "Smoking and deaf adults: associations with age at onset of deafness." American annals of the deaf. 1999 Mar 0; 144(1):44-50.

Barnett S. "Clinical and cultural issues in caring for deaf people." Family medicine.. 1999 Jan 0; 31(1):17-22.

Barnett S, Franks P. "Deafness and mortality: analyses of linked data from the National Health Interview Survey and National Death Index." Public health reports.. 1999 114(4):330-6.

Barnett S, Mulligan E, Wagerle LC, Lahiri S. "Measurement of carotid body blood flow in cats by use of radioactive microspheres." Journal of applied physiology.. 1988 Dec 0; 65(6):2484-9.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Care of the deaf child.
Book Title: Pediatrics
Author List: Barnett S; Katcher L; Katcher M.
Edited By: L Osborn; TG DeWitt; LR First; J Zenel
Published By: Elsevier-Mosby2005 in Philadelphia

Chapter Title: John: Lessons in caring
Book Title: Tales from Family Therapy: Life-changing Clinical Experiences
Author List: Speice J; Barnett S
Edited By: F Thomas and TS Nelson
Published By: Haworth Press1998 in New York

Chapter Title: New evidence for high blood flow in the carotid body
Book Title: Chemoreceptors and Reflexes in Breathing: Cellular and Molecular Aspects
Author List: Mulligan E; Barnett S; Wagerle LC; Lahiri S
Edited By: S Lahiri; RE Forster; RO Davies; AI Pack
Published By: Oxford University1989 in New York