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Ashwani K. Chhibber, M.D.


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Tran, NH; Chhibber, AK. "Anesthetic Management of a Pediatric Patient with NEB1-Genotype Nemaline Rod Myopathy for Cleft Palate Repair". Pediatric Anesthesia and Critical Care Journal. 2016; 4(2): 78-82.

Chhibber, AK; Sweeney, D; Grimes, D; Cheng, K; Zollo, R. "Comparison of Direct and Video Assisted Views of the Larynx during Routine Intubation in Infants and Children". J Anesth Clin Res. 2014; 5: 481.

Nowak, D; Deitrick, Chris; Chhibber, A; Webster, D; and others. "Comparison of the Effects of Promethazine 6.25mg and Promethazine 12.5mg in Treating post-op Nausea and Vomiting: A Randomized Clinical Trial". Journal of PeriAnesthesia Nursing. 2012; 27(3): e41-e42.

Wilson, KM; Westgate, SC; Pier, JC; Weis, E; Love, T; Evans, K; Chhibber, A. "Secondhand Smoke Exposure and serum cytokine levels in healthy children". 2012; 60(1): 34-7.

Chhibber, AK; Fickling, K; Lustik, SJ. "A randomized trial. Pre-anesthetic midazolam in children patient". J Anesthe Clinic Res. 2011; 2: 118.

Chhibber, AK.; Dziak, J.; Kolano J,; Norton, R.; Lustik, S. "Anesthesia care for adult live donor hepatectomy: our experience with 100 cases." Liver Transplantation. 2007; 13: 537-542.

Kaplan MB, Hagberg CA, Ward DS, Brambrink A, Chhibber AK, Heidegger T, Lozada L, Ovassapian A, Parsons D, Ramsay J, Wilhelm W, Zwissler B, Gerig HJ, Hofstetter C, Karan S, Kreisler N, Pousman RM, Thierbach A, Wrobel M, Berci G. "Comparison of direct and video-assisted views of the larynx during routine intubation." Journal of clinical anesthesia.. 2006 Aug; 18(5):357-62.

Lustik, SJ; Papadakos, P; Jackman, K; Rubery, P; Kaplan, KL; Chhibber, AK. "Nicardipine vs. Nitroprusside for deliberate hypotension." J Clinical Anesthesia. 2004; 16(1): 25-33.

Lustik, SJ; Eichelberger, JP; Chhibber, AK. "Preoperative stress testing: new guidelines." J. Clin Anesthesia. 2002; : 375-380.

Lustik, SJ; Eichelberger, JP; Chhibber, AK. "QTc interval prolongation in patients with cirrhosis." Applied Cardiopulm Path. 2000; : 13-17.

Lustik SJ, Wojtczak J, Chhibber AK. "Wolff-Parkinson-White syndrome simulating inferior myocardial infarction in a cocaine abuser for urgent dilation and evacuation of the uterus." Anesthesia and analgesia.. 1999 Sep; 89(3):609-12.

Chhibber, AK; Lustik ,SJ; Thakur, R; Francisco, DR; Fickling, KB. "Effects of Anticholinergics on Postoperative Vomiting, Recovery, and Hospital Stay in Children Undergoing Tonsillectomy with or without Adenoidectomy. This article was selected by the Dannemiller Memorial Educational Foundation to be published in abstract form in the accredited educational journal, AnesthesiaFile". Anesthesiology This article was selected by the Dannemiller Memorial Educational Foundation to be published in abstract form in the accredited educational journal, AnesthesiaFile. 1999; 90(3): 697-700.

Lustik, SJ; Chhibber, AK. "Unintentional recirculation with the Rapid Infusion System." Anesth Analg. 1999; : 1064.

Chhibber, AK; Lustik, SJ; OHare, E; Heckman, J; Ward, DS. "Correlation between exhaled nitric oxide and plasma nitrate levels in healthy individuals." Applied Cardiopulm Path. 1999; : 37-40.

Lustik SJ, Chhibber AK, Eichelberger JP. "Effects of atenolol on postoperative myocardial ischemia." Anesthesiology.. 1998 Sep; 89(3):794-5.

Lustik SJ, Eichelberger JP, Chhibber AK, Bronsther O. "Torsade de pointes during orthotopic liver transplantation." Anesthesia and analgesia.. 1998 Aug; 87(2):300-3.

Lustik SJ, Vogt A, Chhibber AK. "Postoperative lactic acidosis in patients receiving metformin." Anesthesiology.. 1998 Jul; 89(1):266-7; author reply 267-8.

Chhibber, AK; Nguyen ,T; Kolano, JW. "Flumazenil Before Electroconvulsive Therapy in a Patient Receiving Long-Term Benzodiazepine Treatment." Am J Anesthesiol. 1998; 25(3): 127-12.

Chhibber, AK; Lustik, SJ; Kolano, JW; Hilmi, I; Setty, G; Bronsther, O. ". Combined Aortic Valve Replacement and Orthotopic Liver Transplantation: Anesthetic Considerations." Am J Anesthesiol. 1998; 25(5): 215-218.

Kolano JE, Chhibber A, Calalang CC. "Use of esmolol to control bleeding and heart rate during electroconvulsive therapy in a patient with an intracranial aneurysm." Journal of clinical anesthesia.. 1997 Sep; 9(6):493-5.

Lustik SJ, Chhibber AK, van Vliet M, Pomerantz RM. "Ephedrine-induced coronary artery vasospasm in a patient with prior cocaine use." Anesthesia and analgesia.. 1997 Apr; 84(4):931-3.

Lustik SJ, Chhibber AK, Kolano JW, Hilmi IA, Henson LC, Morris MC, Bronsther O. "The hyperventilation of cirrhosis: progesterone and estradiol effects." Hepatology : official journal of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases.. 1997 Jan; 25(1):55-8.

Chhibber, AK; Fickling, KB; Kolano, JW; Roberts, WA. "Comparison of End-Tidal and Arterial Carbon Dioxide in Infants using Laryngeal Mask Airway and Endotracheal Tube. This article was reviewed in Technology for Anesthesia, 1997; 17(1):4". Anesth Analg. This article was reviewed in Technology for Anesthesia, 1997; 17(1):4. 1997; 84(1): 51-3.

Illig, KA; Green, RM; Oriel, K; Riggs, P; Barbos, S; Whorf, F; Quin, F; DeWeese, JA; Chhibber, A; Morder, V; Francis, C. "Primary Fibrinolysis during Supraceliac Aortic Clamping." J Vas Surg. 1997; 25(2): 244-54.

Chhibber, AK; Hengerer, AS; Fickling, KB. "Unsuspected Subglottic Stenosis in a Two-Year-Old. This article was reviewed in Survey of Anesthesiology, February 1998; 42(1):27". Paed Anaesth. This article was reviewed in Survey of Anesthesiology, February 1998; 42(1):27. 1997; : 65-7.

Chhibber, AK; Lustik, SJ; OHare, E. "Stability of Nitric Oxide in Stored Exhaled Gases of Healthy Individuals" . Applied Cardiopulmonary Pathophysiology. 1997; : 283-86.

Chhibber, AK; Perkins, FM; Rabinowitz, R; Woodin-Vogt , A; Hulbert, WC. "Timing of Penile Block and Postoperative Pain Control in Hypospadias Repair in Children." The J of Urology. 1997; : 1156-59.

Nguyen, TT; Chhibbe,r AK; Lustik, SJ; Kolano, JW; Dillon, PJ; Guttmacher, LB. "Effect of methohexitone and propofol with or without alfentanil on seizure duration and recovery in electroconvulsive therapy." British J Anaesthesia. 1997; : 79.

Eaton MP, Chhibber AK, Green DR. "Subarachnoid sufentanil versus lidocaine spinal anesthesia for extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy." Regional anesthesia.. 1997 22(6):515-20.

Chhibber, AK; Kolano, JW; Roberts, WA. "Relationship between End-Tidal and Arterial Carbon Dioxide with Laryngeal Mask Airways and Endotracheal Tubes in Children This article was reviewed in Survey of Anesthesiology, April 1997; 41(2):103". Anesth Analg. This article was reviewed in Survey of Anesthesiology, April 1997; 41(2):103. 1996; : 247-50.

Litman, RS; Berger, AA; Chhibber, AK. "An Evaluation of Preoperative Anxiety in the Population of Infants and Children undergoing Ambulatory" . SurgeryPaed Anaesth. 1996; : 443-76.

Kolano, JW; Chhibber, AK. "Intraoperative Disarticulation of a Triple Lumen Catheter" . Anesth. 1996; : 434-435.

Chhibber AK, Lustik SJ. "Unexpected neurologic deficit following spinal anesthesia." Regional anesthesia.. 1996 21(4):355-7.

Chhibber, AK; Roberts, WA. "Unexpected Pulmonary Aspiration during Bilateral Endoscopic Ethmoidectomy in an Intubated Child" . The Am J Anesth. 1995; XXII(4): 204-206.

Roberts, WA; Maniscalco, WM; Cohen, AR; Litman, RS; Chhibber, AK. "The Use of Capnography for Recognition of Esophageal Intubation in the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit." Ped Pulm. 1995; : 262-268.

Litman ,RS; Berger, AA, Zerngast ,BA; Chhibber, AK. "Low Dose Propofol for the Treatment of Postoperative Emesis in Children" . Amb Surg. 1995; : 123-125.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Cirrhosis, Fulminant Hepatic Failure and Liver Transplantation
Book Title: Critical Care: The Requisites in Anesthesiology
Author List: Dziak J, Chhibber A
Edited By: Papadakos P and Szalados J
Published By: Mosby2005 in Philadelphia

Chapter Title: Liver Transplantation (Pediatric)
Book Title: Essence of Anesthesia Practice
Author List: Chhibber AK
Edited By: Roizen MF; Fleisher LA
Published By: W.B.Saunders2002 in Philadelphia