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Gloria J. Baciewicz, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Morris ME, Morse BL, Baciewicz GJ, Tessena MM, Acquisto NM, Hutchinson DJ, Dicenzo R. "Monocarboxylate Transporter Inhibition with Osmotic Diuresis Increases ?-Hydroxybutyrate Renal Elimination in Humans: A Proof-of-Concept Study." Journal of clinical toxicology. 2011 Nov 10; 1(2):1000105.

Landau J, Shea RR, Garrett J, Stanton MD, Baciewicz GJ, Brinkman-Sull D. "Strength in Numbers: The ARISE Method for using family and network therapy to engage addicted persons in treatment" . Am J Drug Alcohol Abuse. 2000; 26: 379-398.

Shearer DS, Baciewicz GJ, Kwong TC. "Drugs of abuse testing in a psychiatric outpatient service." Clinics in laboratory medicine.. 1998 Dec 0; 18(4):713-26.

Conner KR, Shea RR, McDermott MP, Grolling R, Tocco RV, Baciewicz GJ. "The role of multifamily therapy in promoting retention in treatment of alcohol and cocaine dependence" . American Journal on Addictions. 1998; 7: 61-73.

Garrett, J., Landau, J., Shea, R., Stanton, M.D, Baciewicz, G., Brinkman-Sull, D. "The ARISE Intervention: Using Family and Network Links to Engage Addicted Persons in Treatment" . Journal of Substance Abuse Treatment. 1998; 15: 333-343.

Baciewicz GJ. "The process of addiction." Clinical obstetrics and gynecology.. 1993 Jun 0; 36(2):223-31.

Yerevanian BI, Baciewicz GJ, Iker HP, Privitera MR. "The influence of weight loss on the dexamethasone suppression test." Psychiatry research.. 1984 Jun 0; 12(2):155-60.

Baciewicz GJ, Yerevanian BI. "Thrombocytopenia associated with carbamazepine: Case report and review" . Journal of Clinical Psychiatry. 1984; 45: 315-316.

Yerevanian BI, Olafsdottir H, Milanese E, Russotto J, Mallon P, Baciewicz GJ, Sagi E. "Normalization of the dexamethasone suppression test at discharge from hospital: Its prognostic value" . Journal of Affective Disorders. 1983; 5: 191-197.

Conner KR, Ross ME, Baciewicz G, Sworts LM, Meldrum SA. "Reliability of Lifetime Inventory of Drug Use Consequences (InDUC) in methadone maintenance patients" . . Journal of Psychoactive Drugs (in press).

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Substance abuse
Book Title: Psychiatric Emergencies
Author List: Baciewicz GJ, Griepp AZ, Bamford KA, Meyers, ML
Edited By: ed. by Howell JM
Published By: WB Saunders1998 in Philadelphia

Chapter Title: Substance Abuse
Book Title: Mosby's USMLE Step 3 Reviews--Specialty Clinical Sciences
Author List: Baciewicz GJ
Edited By: Donnelly, J. and Lipscher R
Published By: Mosby1996 in New York