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David A. Dombroski, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Tops LF, Prakasa K, Tandri H, Dalal D, Jain R, Dimaano VL, Dombroski D, James C, Tichnell C, Daly A, Marcus F, Schalij MJ, Bax JJ, Bluemke D, Calkins H, Abraham TP. "Prevalence and pathophysiologic attributes of ventricular dyssynchrony in arrhythmogenic right ventricular dysplasia/cardiomyopathy." Journal of the American College of Cardiology.. 2009 Jul 28; 54(5):445-51.

Turkbey EB, Dombroski DA. "Cardiac magnetic resonance imaging: techniques and clinical applications." Seminars in roentgenology.. 2009 Apr; 44(2):67-83.

Vogel-Claussen, J; Skrok, J; Dombroski, D; Shea, SM; Shapiro, EP; Bohlman, M; Lorenz, CH; Lima, JAC. "Comprehensive Adenosine Stress Perfusion MRI Defines the Etiology of Chest Pain in the Emergency Room: Comparison With Nuclear Stress Test". J Magn Reson Imaging. 2009; 30(4): 753-762.

Kashyap R, Bozorgzadeh A, Abt P, Tsoulfas G, Maloo M, Sharma R, Patel S, Dombroski D, Mantry P, Safadjou S, Jain A, Orloff M. "Stratifying risk of biliary complications in adult living donor liver transplantation by magnetic resonance cholangiography." Transplantation.. 2008 Jun 15; 85(11):1569-72.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Liver Transplantation
Book Title: Ultrasound Secrets
Author List: Rubens DJ; Syed L; Dombroski D
Edited By: Rubens DJ, Dogra V
Published By: Hanley Belfus2004 in Philadelphia