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Daniel Yawman, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Yawman D; McIntosh S; Fernandez DI; Auinger P; Allan M; Weitzman M. "The Use of Spanish by Medical Students and Residents at One University Hospital". Academic Medicine. 2006; 81: 468-473.

Yawman D; Howard CR; Garfunkel L; Allan M; Auinger P; Weitzman M. "Neonatal Circumcision and Pain Relief: A Follow-up of Residency Training Practices". Ambulatory Pediatrics. 2006; 6(4).

Yawman, D. "Reflections on the Baby-Friendly Hospital Initiative". Pediatric Annals. 2003; 5: 360-361.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Candida-oropharyngeal, Candida-diaper dermatitis, strabismus, and amblyopia
Book Title: Mosby's Clinical Advisor
Author List: Yawman D
Edited By: Christy, Garfunkel and Kaczorowski
Published By: Elsevier2007