Stephen J. Lurie, M.D., Ph.D.

Stephen J. Lurie, M.D., Ph.D.

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Manhattan Square Family Medicine
454 East Broad Street
Suite 100
Rochester, NY 14607

Office: (585) 279-4600
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I'm never quite sure what to say about my philosophy of practice. After twenty five years as a primary-care physician, I am still surprised at humbled by the endless variety of ways that people experience life. So while I may not be up to a whole philosophy, I have at least developed some practical standards that guide my daily practice.

- Everyone who comes to me is deserving of unconditional respect and decency, and of my best efforts.

- Anyone can benefit from having an advocate.

- Habits are hard to change, and health-related habits are even harder.
There are often more immediate things to worry about. Meaningful change happens slowly, and may not be apparent from one visit to the next.

- Superstition and wishful thinking can cause a lot of avoidable suffering. There is considerable research evidence for the benefits and harms of many medical interventions - my job is to help people make the best decision for themselves, informed by the best available scientific evidence.reading historical fiction.

Recent Journal Articles

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2014 Mar
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2013 Nov 11
Lyness JM, Lurie SJ, Ward DS, Mooney CJ, Lambert DR. "Engaging students and faculty: implications of self-determination theory for teachers and leaders in academic medicine." BMC medical education. 2013 Nov 11; 13:151. Epub 2013 Nov 11.
2012 Jan
Lurie SJ. "History and practice of competency-based assessment." Medical education. 2012 Jan; 46(1):49-57.
Medina-Walpole A, Mooney CJ, Lyness JM, Lambert DR, Lurie SJ. "Medical student attitudes toward patients in diverse care settings: the impact of a patient evaluation course." Teaching and learning in medicine. 2012 24(2):117-21.
Lurie SJ, Mooney CJ. "Assessing a method to limit influence of standardized tests on clerkship grades." Teaching and learning in medicine. 2012 24(4):287-91.


Family Medicine - American Board of Family Medicine


MD | Medicine | Wake Forest University School Medicine1988
PhD | Social and Quantitative Psychology | U of N Carolina Chapel Hill1984
MA | Psychology | U of N Carolina Chapel Hill1982
BS | Psychology | University of Michigan1979

Post-Doctoral Training & Residency

Residency in Family Medicine at Duke University Hospital07/01/1989 - 06/30/1991
Internship in Family Practice at Duke University Hospital07/01/1988 - 06/30/1989