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Nader H. Atallah-Yunes, M.D.


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Hansen RL, Naimi I, Wang H, Atallah N, Smith F, Byrum C, Kveselis D, Leonard G, Devanagondi R, Egan M. "Long-term outcomes up to 25 years following balloon pulmonary valvuloplasty: A multicenter study." Congenital heart disease.. 2019 Jun 28; Epub 2019 Jun 28.

Swartz MF, Simon B, Atallah-Yunes N, Cholette JM, Orie J, Gensini F, Alfieris GM. "Distal Transverse Arch to Left Carotid Artery Ratio Helps to Identify Infants With Aortic Arch Hypoplasia." The Annals of thoracic surgery.. 2015 Sep 0; 100(3):1004-11; discussion 1011-2. Epub 2015 Jul 23.

Swartz MF, Morrow D, Atallah-Yunes N, Cholette JM, Gensini F, Kavey RE, Alfieris GM. "Hypertensive changes within the aortic arch of infants and children with isolated coarctation." The Annals of thoracic surgery.. 2013 Jul 0; 96(1):190-5. Epub 2013 May 31.

Swartz MF, Sena A, Atallah-Yunes N, Meagher C, Cholette JM, Gensini F, Alfieris GM. "Decreased incidence of supravalvar pulmonary stenosis after arterial switch operation." Circulation.. 2012 Sep 11; 126(11 Suppl 1):S118-22.

Swartz MF, Atallah-Yunes N, Meagher C, Schiralli MP, Cholette J, Orie J, Gensini F, Kavey RE, Alfieris GM. "Surgical strategy for aortic coarctation repair resulting in physiologic arm and leg blood pressures." Congenital heart disease.. 2011 6(6):583-91. Epub 2011 Nov 03.

Alfieris, GM.; Dadlani, GH.; Vermilion, RP.; Smith, FC.; Atallah- Yunes, NH.; Dawson, CE.; Cable, RC.; Orav, EJ.; Kozlowski, A.; Gaum, WE.; Lipshultz, SE. "Regional sharing optimizes arterial switch outcomes". Pediatric Cardiology. 2005; 20(1): 21-25.

Atallah, NA.; Smith, FC. "Pediatric digital echocardiography". Pediatric Cardiology Today. 2005; 3(9): 12.

Vasquez A, Atallah-Yunes N, Smith FC, You X, Chase SE, Silverstone AE, Vikstrom KL. "A role for the aryl hydrocarbon receptor in cardiac physiology and function as demonstrated by AhR knockout mice." Cardiovascular toxicology.. 2003 3(2):153-63.

Atallah-Yunes NH, Kavey RE, Bove EL, Smith FC, Kveselis DA, Byrum CJ, Gaum WE. "Postoperative assessment of a modified surgical approach to repair of tetralogy of Fallot. Long-term follow-up." Circulation.. 1996 Nov 1; 94(9 Suppl):II22-6.