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Sharlin Varghese, M.B.B.S.



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Koltz BR, Russell DK, Lu N, Bonfiglio TA, Varghese S. "Effect of Thin Prep(®) imaging system on laboratory rate and relative sensitivity of atypical squamous cells, high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion not excluded and high-grade squamous intraepithelial lesion interpretations." CytoJournal. 2013 10:6. Epub 2013 Mar 30.

Camacho N, Krakow D, Johnykutty S, Katzman PJ, Pepkowitz S, Vriens J, Nilius B, Boyce BF, Cohn DH. "Dominant TRPV4 mutations in nonlethal and lethal metatropic dysplasia." American journal of medical genetics. Part A.. 2010 May 0; 152A(5):1169-77.

Wang X, Ni J, Hsu CL, Johnykutty S, Tang P, Ho YS, Lee CH, Yeh S. "Reduced expression of tocopherol-associated protein (TAP/Sec14L2) in human breast cancer." Cancer investigation.. 2009 Dec 0; 27(10):971-7.

Johnykutty S, Miller CH, Hoda RS, Giampoli EJ. "Fine-needle aspiration of dedifferentiated acinic cell carcinoma: Report of a case with cyto-histological correlation." Diagnostic cytopathology.. 2009 Oct 0; 37(10):763-8.

Johnykutty S, Tang P, Zhao H, Hicks DG, Yeh S, Wang X. "Dual expression of alpha-tocopherol-associated protein and estrogen receptor in normal/benign human breast luminal cells and the downregulation of alpha-tocopherol-associated protein in estrogen-receptor-positive breast carcinomas." Modern pathology : an official journal of the United States and Canadian Academy of Pathology, Inc.. 2009 Jun 0; 22(6):770-5. Epub 2009 Mar 20.