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Nicholas Farris, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Farris N, Benoit SW, McNinch NL, Bodas P. "Urinary Biomarkers for the Assessment of Acute Kidney Injury of Pediatric Sickle Cell Anemia Patients Admitted for Severe Vaso-occlusive Crises." Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology.. 2023 Feb 20; Epub 2023 Feb 20.

Farris N, Sampson M. "Single-agent rituximab for treatment of multifocal and multiple relapsed pulmonary inflammatory myofibroblastic tumor in an adolescent patient." Pediatric blood & cancer.. 2021 Sep; 68(9):e29131. Epub 2021 Jun 08.

Farris N, Raina R, Tibrewal A, Brown M, Colvis M, Schwaderer A, Kusumi K. "Acute Kidney Injury Associated With Urinary Stone Disease in Children and Young Adults Presenting to a Pediatric Emergency Department." Frontiers in pediatrics.. 2020 8:591520. Epub 2020 Nov 30.

Farris N, Wu H, Said-Delgado S, Suskin B, Klugman S. "17p13.3 quadruplication: a prenatal and postpartum clinical characterization of a copy number variant." Cold Spring Harbor molecular case studies.. 2018 Jun; 4(3)Epub 2018 Jun 01.

Karan SB, Rackovsky E, Voter WA, Kanel JA, Farris N, Jensen J, Liu L, Ward DS. "A Randomized, Prospective, Double-Blinded Study of Physostigmine to Prevent Sedation-Induced Ventilatory Arrhythmias." Anesthesia and analgesia.. 2015 Sep; 121(3):652-60.