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Samuel Norman-Haignere, Ph.D.


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Journal Articles

Regev TI, Lipkin B, Boebinger D, Paunov A, Kean H, Norman-Haignere S, Fedorenko E. "Preserved functional organization of human auditory cortex in individuals missing one temporal lobe from infancy." bioRxiv : the preprint server for biology.. 2023 Jan 18; Epub 2023 Jan 18.

Norman-Haignere SV, Feather J, Boebinger D, Brunner P, Ritaccio A, McDermott JH, Schalk G, Kanwisher N. "A neural population selective for song in human auditory cortex." Current biology : CB.. 2022 Feb 18; Epub 2022 Feb 18.

Norman-Haignere SV, Long LK, Devinsky O, Doyle W, Irobunda I, Merricks EM, Feldstein NA, McKhann GM, Schevon CA, Flinker A, Mesgarani N. "Multiscale temporal integration organizes hierarchical computation in human auditory cortex." Nature human behaviour.. 2022 Feb 10; Epub 2022 Feb 10.

Landemard A, Bimbard C, Demené C, Shamma S, Norman-Haignere S, Boubenec Y. "Distinct higher-order representations of natural sounds in human and ferret auditory cortex." eLife.. 2021 Nov 18; 10Epub 2021 Nov 18.

Traer J, Norman-Haignere SV, McDermott JH. "Causal inference in environmental sound recognition." Cognition.. 2021 Sep; 214:104627. Epub 2021 May 24.

Boebinger D, Norman-Haignere SV, McDermott JH, Kanwisher N. "Music-selective neural populations arise without musical training." Journal of neurophysiology.. 2021 Jun 1; 125(6):2237-2263. Epub 2021 Feb 17.

Norman-Haignere SV, Kanwisher N, McDermott JH, Conway BR. "Divergence in the functional organization of human and macaque auditory cortex revealed by fMRI responses to harmonic tones." Nature neuroscience.. 2019 Jul; 22(7):1057-1060. Epub 2019 Jun 10.

Albouy P, Caclin A, Norman-Haignere SV, Lévêque Y, Peretz I, Tillmann B, Zatorre RJ. "Decoding Task-Related Functional Brain Imaging Data to Identify Developmental Disorders: The Case of Congenital Amusia." Frontiers in neuroscience.. 2019 13:1165. Epub 2019 Oct 30.

Norman-Haignere SV, McDermott JH. "Neural responses to natural and model-matched stimuli reveal distinct computations in primary and nonprimary auditory cortex." PLoS biology.. 2018 Dec; 16(12):e2005127. Epub 2018 Dec 03.

Kell AJE, Yamins DLK, Shook EN, Norman-Haignere SV, McDermott JH. "A Task-Optimized Neural Network Replicates Human Auditory Behavior, Predicts Brain Responses, and Reveals a Cortical Processing Hierarchy." Neuron.. 2018 May 2; 98(3):630-644.e16. Epub 2018 Apr 19.

Norman-Haignere S, McDermott JH. "Distortion products in auditory fMRI research: Measurements and solutions." NeuroImage.. 2016 Apr 1; 129:401-413. Epub 2016 Jan 28.

Norman-Haignere SV, Albouy P, Caclin A, McDermott JH, Kanwisher NG, Tillmann B. "Pitch-Responsive Cortical Regions in Congenital Amusia." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience.. 2016 Mar 9; 36(10):2986-94.

Norman-Haignere S, Kanwisher NG, McDermott JH. "Distinct Cortical Pathways for Music and Speech Revealed by Hypothesis-Free Voxel Decomposition." Neuron.. 2015 Dec 16; 88(6):1281-1296.

Norman-Haignere S, Kanwisher N, McDermott JH. "Cortical pitch regions in humans respond primarily to resolved harmonics and are located in specific tonotopic regions of anterior auditory cortex." The Journal of neuroscience : the official journal of the Society for Neuroscience.. 2013 Dec 11; 33(50):19451-69.

Fedorenko E, McDermott JH, Norman-Haignere S, Kanwisher N. "Sensitivity to musical structure in the human brain." Journal of neurophysiology.. 2012 Dec; 108(12):3289-300. Epub 2012 Sep 26.

Norman-Haignere SV, McCarthy G, Chun MM, Turk-Browne NB. "Category-selective background connectivity in ventral visual cortex." Cerebral cortex.. 2012 Feb; 22(2):391-402. Epub 2011 Jun 13.

Turk-Browne NB, Norman-Haignere SV, McCarthy G. "Face-Specific Resting Functional Connectivity between the Fusiform Gyrus and Posterior Superior Temporal Sulcus." Frontiers in human neuroscience.. 2010 4:176. Epub 2010 Sep 24.