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Carol Fries Simpson, M.D.


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Journal Articles

Fries C, Lee LW, Devidas M, Dai Y, Rabin KR, Gupta S, Loh ML, Kirsch IR, Wood B, Rau RE. "Prognostic impact of pre-treatment immunoglobulin clonal composition in pediatric Blymphoblastic leukemia." Haematologica.. 2022 Nov 3; Epub 2022 Nov 03.

Fries C, Evans AG, Cheon H, Korones DN, Loughran TP, Andolina JR. "Allogeneic Bone Marrow Transplant as a Cure for Refractory T-Cell Large Granular Lymphocytic Leukemia in an Adolescent." Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology.. 2022 Aug 1; 44(6):e960-e963. Epub 2021 Dec 29.

Fries C, Long AM, Marston BA, Andolina JR. "Migratory Arthralgia in a 3-year-old Girl." Pediatrics in review. 2022 Jan 1; 43(1):41-44.

Fries C, Noronha SA, Metlay L, Zhang B. "Transplacental transfer of congenital B-cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia to the maternal vasculature." Pediatric blood & cancer.. 2021 Jun 14; :e29142. Epub 2021 Jun 14.

Fries C, Girvin AR, Korones DN, Weintraub L, Fitzpatrick L, Andolina JR. "Myeloablative Carboplatin and Thiotepa With Autologous Stem Cell Rescue for Nonmedulloblastoma High-risk CNS Tumors in Young Children." Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology.. 2021 May 18; Epub 2021 May 18.

Andolina JR, Fries C, Boulware R, Vargas A, Fraint E, Barth M, Abrusko S, Comito M, Monteleone P. "Successful Bone Marrow Transplantation With Intensive Post-transplant Intrathecal Chemotherapy for CNS Relapsed AML in 2 Infants." Journal of pediatric hematology/oncology.. 2021 Apr 9; Epub 2021 Apr 09.

Fries C, Adlowitz DG, Spence JM, Spence JP, Rock PJ, Burack WR. "Acute lymphoblastic leukemia clonal distribution between bone marrow and peripheral blood." Pediatric blood & cancer.. 2020 Apr 11; :e28280. Epub 2020 Apr 11.

Fries C, Burack R. "An evolving technology for an evolving disease: A commentary on NGS-based MRD evaluation in B-ALL." Leukemia research.. 2019 Jan; 76:105-106. Epub 2018 Nov 16.

O'Dwyer K, Fries C. ""On the road to a better CAR: Identifying the variables associated with a durable response to CAR-T cell therapy in relapsed/refractory B-ALL."" . The Hematologist. 2019; 16(4).

Fries C, Burack WR. "A clinical perspective on immunoglobulin heavy chain clonal heterogeneity in B cell acute lymphoblastic leukemia." Leukemia research.. 2018 Dec; 75:15-22. Epub 2018 Nov 03.