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Katherine H. Rizzone, M.D., M.P.H.


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Journal Articles

Schmidt, JD; Rizzone, KH; Hoffman, NL; Weber, ML; Jones, C; Bazarian, J; Broglio, SP; McCrea, M; McAllister, TW. "Influence of Developmental Stage and Age at First Concussion on Number of Subsequent Concussions". Accepted, Pediatric Neurology. 2017; .

Rizzone, KH; Ackerman, K; Roos, K; Dompier, T; Kerr, Z. "Epidemiology of Stress Fractures in Collegiate Student Athletes, 2004-2005 Through 2013-2014." Journal of Athletic Training. 2017; 52(10): 965-974.

Gold, JR; Piper, KF; Bodkin, RP; Rizzone, KH; Rueckmann, EA; Martina, CA. "Rock Climbers' Management of Hand Injuries and Their Perspectives on Seeking Healthcare: A Qualitative Analysis". Congent Medicine. 2017; 4(1).

Dickinson, RN; Kuhn, JE; Bergner, JL; Rizzone, KH. "A Systematic Review of Cost Effective Treatment of Postoperative Rotator Cuff Repairs". Journal of Shoulder and Elbow Surgery. 2017; 26(5): 915-922.

Rizzone, KH; Diamond, A; Wallston, K; McPheeter, M; Roumie, CR. "Development of a Survey to Examine Sports Specialization and Injury Risk Among College Athletes." Clinical Journal of Sports Medicine. 2015; 25(2): 219.

Karpinos, AR; Rizzone, KH, Cribbs, SP; Roumie, CL. "Low Proportion of High School Senior Athletes Receiving Recommended Immunizations". The Physician and Sport Medicine. 2014; 42(2): 71-79.

McCann, M; Marks, ML; Diacovo, D; Rizzone, KH; Abbott, M; Jones, CM. "National Epidemiology of Recreational Ice Skating Injuries Presenting to US Emergency Departments, Under Review". .

Kamen, C; Flannery, M; Hecker, C; Janelsins, M; Rizzone, KH; Mustian, K. "Exercise-Induced Effects on Fatigue, Strength, Muscle Mass, Aerobic Capacity, Inflammation and Gene Expression in Older Prostate Cancer Patients: Results from a Randomized Clinical Trial, In Review". .

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Dx, Mx, Rx of Sports-Related Injuries and Conditions
Book Title: Principles of Rehabilitation Medicine
Author List: Jain, N; Rizzone, K
Published By: McGraw Hill Publishing2017

Chapter Title: Question writer
Book Title: AMSSM Sports Medicine CAQ Study Guide
Author List: Paul, SR; Concannon, L; Morteza K
Published By: Healthy Learning2017

Chapter Title: Collision Sports in the Young Athlete
Book Title: Sports Medicine in the Pediatric Office
Author List: Kriz P, Rizzone K, Vengal S.
Published By: American Academy of Pediatrics2017

Book Title: Hamstring Injury Prevention in Soccer Players Review
Author List: Chain, KF, Rizzone, KH
Published By: Sports Review Journal2016

Book Title: Psychosocial and Pharmacologic Interventions for Disruptive Behavior in Children and Adolescents
Author List: Epstein, R; Fonnesbeck, C; Williamson, E; Kuhn, T; Lindegren, ML; Rizzone, KH; Krishnaswami, S; Sathe, N; Ficzere, CH; Ness, GL; Wright,GW; Raj, M; Potter, S; McPheeters, M
Published By: Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality.2015

Book Title: Psychosocial Interventions for Child Disruptive Behaviors: A Meta-Analysis
Author List: RA Epstein, C Fonnesbeck, S Potter, KH Rizzone, M McPheeters
Published By: Pediatrics2015

Book Title: "Sideline Coverage of Youth Football"
Author List: Rizzone, K. , Gregory, A., Diamond, A.
Published By: Current Sports Medicine Reports2013

Book Title: Using Casts, Splints and Braces in the Emergency Department
Author List: Rizzone, K., Gregory, A
Published By: Clinical Pediatric Emergency Medicine.2013