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Martha Susiarjo, Ph.D.

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Martha Susiarjo is an Assistant Professor in the department of Environmental Medicine, and member of the Environmental Health Sciences Center. She received her PhD in Genetics from Case Western Reserve University School of Medicine and completed her postdoctoral fellowship at the Perelman School of Medicine of the University of Pennsylvania. Research in the Susiarjo Lab investigates the underlying mechanisms of the developmental origin of health and disease focusing on how epigenetic mechanisms mediate gene-environment interaction. Her laboratory uses imprinted genes as epigenetic markers to test the effect of environmental exposure on DNA methylation regulation on fetal and placental development. Additional, she is also interested in elucidating the role of environmental exposure on maternal health during pregnancy and the potential beneficial role of nutritional supplementation. Her research is supported by an R01 grant from the NIEHS. The lab employs bisulfite sequencing analysis, mouse genetics and embryology, molecular biology, and next generation sequencing.



BA | Case Western Reserve University

PhD | Case Western Reserve University

Post-doctoral Training & Residency

04/01/2008 - 07/24/2015
University of Pennsylvania Mentor: Dr. Marisa Bartolomei Project: Studying effects of environmental exposure on the mammalian epigenome and characterizing the relevant mechanisms leading to abnormal metabolic health in mice exposed to endocrine disrupting compounds


Susan Heyner Award for Excellence in Research
Sponsor: University of Pennsylvania Center for Research in Reproduction a
Location: University of Pennsylvania

Departmental Symposium Best Poster Award
Sponsor: Case Western Reserve University Department of Genetics

Departmental and University Honors, magna cum laude
Sponsor: Case Western Reserve University

Russell M. Lawall Prize for Excellence in Biology
Sponsor: Case Western Reserve University

Phi Beta Kappa

ASEAN Student Research Award
Sponsor: US-ASEAN Business Council

1995 - 1999
University Dean's High Honor
Sponsor: Case Western Reserve University

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Journal Articles

Loh KP, Sanapala C, Janelsins M, Klepin HD, Schnall R, Culakova E, Sohn MB, Vertino P, Susiarjo M, Jensen-Battaglia M, Becker MW, Liesveld J, Mendler JH, Huselton E, Lin PJ, Mustian K. "Protocol for a pilot randomized controlled trial of a mobile health exercise intervention for older patients with myeloid neoplasms (GO-EXCAP 2)." Journal of geriatric oncology.. 2021 Dec 20; Epub 2021 Dec 20.

Murthy GG, Prideaux MA, Armstrong M, Kenney HM, Latchney SE, Susiarjo M, Murphy SP. "Characterization of the temporal, cell-specific and interferon-inducible patterns of indoleamine 2,3 dioxygenase 1 (IDO1) expression in the human placenta across gestation." Placenta.. 2021 Sep 14; 115:129-138. Epub 2021 Sep 14.

Fields AM, Welle K, Ho ES, Mesaros C, Susiarjo M. "Vitamin B6 deficiency disrupts serotonin signaling in pancreatic islets and induces gestational diabetes in mice." Communications biology.. 2021 Mar 26; 4(1):421. Epub 2021 Mar 26.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Introduction to Epigenetic Mechanisms: The Probable Common Thread for Various Developmental Origin of Health and Diseases Effects
Book Title: The Epigenome and Developmental Origins of Health and Disease
Author List: Susiarjo, M
Edited By: Cheryl Rosenfeld
Published By: Academic Press 2015