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EHSC Epigenetics Facility

Qiagen PyroMark Q24 Advanced

Qiagen PyroMark Q24 Advanced

Our Mission

The purpose of the Epigenetics Facility is to support the growing epigenetics research focus within the Center and at the UR. The objective of the Facility is to provide the intellectual and technical expertise for conducting, analyzing and interpreting DNA methylation studies for environmental health science research. The facility serves as the catalyst for the growing epigenetics community in the Environmental Health Sciences Center, specifically for investigators who are interested in studying the role of DNA methylation in transcriptional regulation or as a biomarker of environmental exposures and human disease. The Epigenetics Facility is directed by Dr. Martha Susiarjo, a highly collaborative researcher studying epigenetic mechanisms and transgenerational consequences of environmental exposures. (Please contact the URMC Genomics Research Center for genome-wide studies).

Services Provided

  • Provide consultations of DNA methylation assays suitable for your research
  • Train investigators on using the Qiagen PyroMark Q24 Advanced from designing primers to running the assay
  • Assist in data analysis and interpretation