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Celeste S. Wyman, Sc.M.


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Journal Articles

Turbitt E., Klein WMP., Rogers K., D'Amanda C., Biesecker BB. "Parental decision making about clinical trial enrollment: a survey of parents of children with Fragile X Syndrome." Health Psychology. 2020; 39(12): 1070-1077.

D'Amanda CS; Nolen R; Huryn LA; Turriff A. "Psychosocial Impacts of Mendelian Eye Conditions: A Systematic Literature Review" . Survey of Ophthalmology. 2020; .

Sieving PA, Cukras C, Biesecker B, D'Amanda C, Nolen R, Turriff A. ""There are hills and valleys": Experiences of parenting a son with X-linked retinoschisis." American journal of ophthalmology.. 2019 Nov 22; Epub 2019 Nov 22.

D'Amanda CS, Peay HL, Wheeler AC, Turbitt E, Biesecker BB. "Fragile X syndrome clinical trials: exploring parental decision-making." Journal of intellectual disability research : JIDR.. 2019 Feb 12; Epub 2019 Feb 12.

Turbitt E.; D'Amanda C.; Hyman S.; Weber JD.; Bridges JFP.; Peay HLP.; Biesecker BB. "Parent clinical-trial priorities for Fragile X syndrome: A best-worst scaling." European Journal of Human Genetics. .