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Isaac S. Harris, Ph.D.

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Office: (585) 273-4353

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Professional Background

Isaac is from Ottawa, Canada. He received both his undergraduate and graduate degrees from the University of Toronto where he conducted research in the lab of Dr. Tak Mak at Princess Margaret Cancer Center. Afterwards, he joined the lab of Dr. Joan Brugge at Harvard Medical School in Boston. In September 2019, Isaac moved to Rochester, NY to open his independent lab at the University of Rochester and Wilmot Cancer Institute.


There has been a long-standing belief that supplementation with antioxidants could prevent or treat cancer. However, results of large-scale clinical trials have proven the opposite: supplementation with antioxidants promote, rather than prevent, cancer. The Harris Lab at the University of Rochester Medical Center and Wilmot Cancer Institute focuses on uncovering the various roles of antioxidants in cancer by using in vivo mouse modeling approaches and high-throughput pharmacologic screening techniques.


Journal Articles

Harris IS, Brugge JS. "United They Stand, Divided They Fall." Cell metabolism.. 2019 Oct 1; 30(4):624-625.

Harris IS, Endress JE, Coloff JL, Selfors LM, McBrayer SK, Rosenbluth JM, Takahashi N, Dhakal S, Koduri V, Oser MG, Schauer NJ, Doherty LM, Hong AL, Kang YP, Younger ST, Doench JG, Hahn WC, Buhrlage SJ, DeNicola GM, Kaelin WG, Brugge JS. "Deubiquitinases Maintain Protein Homeostasis and Survival of Cancer Cells upon Glutathione Depletion." Cell metabolism.. 2019 May 7; 29(5):1166-1181.e6. Epub 2019 Feb 21.

Lee JJ, van de Ven RAH, Zaganjor E, Ng MR, Barakat A, Demmers JJPG, Finley LWS, Gonzalez Herrera KN, Hung YP, Harris IS, Jeong SM, Danuser G, McAllister SS, Haigis MC. "Inhibition of epithelial cell migration and Src/FAK signaling by SIRT3." Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America.. 2018 Jul 3; 115(27):7057-7062. Epub 2018 Jun 18.