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Michael C. Croix, M.D.


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Wrotniak BH, Garrett M, Baron S, Sojar H, Shon A, Asiago-Reddy E, Yager J, Kalams S, Croix M, Hicar MD. "Antibody dependent cell cytotoxicity is maintained by the unmutated common ancestor of 6F5, a Gp41 conformational epitope targeting antibody that utilizes heavy chain VH1-2." Vaccine.. 2022 Jul 29; 40(31):4174-4181. Epub 2022 Jun 07.

Zambrano, D; Croix, M; Bohrhunter, J; Bonnez, W; Louie, T. "Necrotizing Pneumonia in an Immunocompromised Host" . Infectious Diseases in Clinical Practice. 2022; 30(3): e1133.

Croix MC, Munsiff SS. "cavitary lung disease progression over a three year period - A case report." IDCases.. 2022 27:e01379. Epub 2022 Jan 05.

Chang AJ, Croix M, Kenney P, Baron S, Hicar MD. "Serum Responses of Children With Kawasaki Disease Against Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2 Proteins." The Pediatric infectious disease journal.. 2020 Nov; 39(11):e366-e367.

Mergenhagen KA, Croix M, Starr KE, Sellick JA, Lesse AJ. "Utility of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Nares Screening for Patients with a Diabetic Foot Infection." Antimicrobial agents and chemotherapy.. 2020 Mar 24; 64(4)Epub 2020 Mar 24.

Croix M, Miller D, Whittle J, Singh S, Schapira MM, Carnahan J, Kuester J, Kallio C, Framberg S, Fletcher KE. "The Missing Record of Mental Status in Written Sign-Outs." Journal of patient safety.. 2019 Dec; 15(4):e40-e43.

Player B, Harmelink M, Bordini B, Weisgerber M, Girolami M, Croix M. "Pediatric Opsoclonus-Myoclonus-Ataxia Syndrome Associated With Anti-N-methyl-D-aspartate Receptor Encephalitis." Pediatric neurology.. 2015 Nov; 53(5):456-8. Epub 2015 Aug 01.