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Alessandra L. Moore, M.D.


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Moore AL, Smink DS, Rangel EL. "More Than a Pause-Reply." JAMA surgery.. 2022 Dec 7; Epub 2022 Dec 07.

Wrenn SM, Moore AL, Shah HJ, Barletta JA, Vaidya A, Kilbridge KL, Doherty GM, Jacene HA, Nehs MA. "Higher SUV on FDG-PET is associated with shorter survival in adrenocortical carcinoma." American journal of surgery.. 2022 Sep 8; Epub 2022 Sep 08.

Moore AL, Smink DS, Rangel EL. "A Pregnant Pause-Time to Address Mentorship for Expectant Residents." JAMA surgery.. 2022 Jul 27; Epub 2022 Jul 27.

Caulley L, Eskander A, Yang W, Auh E, Cairncross L, Cho NL, Golbon B, Iyer S, Liu JC, Lee PJ, Lindeman B, Meltzer C, Molin N, Moore A, Noel J, Nozolino H, Pasternak J, Price B, Ramsay T, Rolighed L, Sajisevi M, Sharma A, Sinclair C, Sorensen M, Tae K, Tang AL, Tsao G, Williams M, Wrenn S, Xing MH, Zafereo M, Stack BC, Randolph G, Davies L. "Trends in Diagnosis of Noninvasive Follicular Thyroid Neoplasm With Papillarylike Nuclear Features and Total Thyroidectomies for Patients With Papillary Thyroid Neoplasms." JAMA otolaryngology-- head & neck surgery.. 2022 Feb 1; 148(2):99-106.

Griffin MF, Borrelli MR, Garcia JT, Januszyk M, King M, Lerbs T, Cui L, Moore AL, Shen AH, Mascharak S, Diaz Deleon NM, Adem S, Taylor WL, desJardins-Park HE, Gastou M, Patel RA, Duoto BA, Sokol J, Wei Y, Foster D, Chen K, Wan DC, Gurtner GC, Lorenz HP, Chang HY, Wernig G, Longaker MT. "JUN promotes hypertrophic skin scarring via CD36 in preclinical in vitro and in vivo models." Science translational medicine.. 2021 Sep; 13(609):eabb3312. Epub 2021 Sep 01.

Mascharak S, desJardins-Park HE, Davitt MF, Griffin M, Borrelli MR, Moore AL, Chen K, Duoto B, Chinta M, Foster DS, Shen AH, Januszyk M, Kwon SH, Wernig G, Wan DC, Lorenz HP, Gurtner GC, Longaker MT. "Preventing activation in fibroblasts yields wound regeneration without scarring." Science.. 2021 Apr 23; 372(6540)

Kuo LE, Angell TE, Pandian TK, Moore AL, Alexander EK, Barletta JA, Gawande AA, Lorch JH, Marqusee E, Moore FD, Nehs MA, Doherty GM, Cho NL. "Completion Thyroidectomy is Less Common Following Updated 2015 American Thyroid Association Guidelines." Annals of surgical oncology.. 2021 Jan; 28(1):484-491. Epub 2020 Jun 24.

Leavitt T, Hu MS, Borrelli MR, Januszyk M, Garcia JT, Ransom RC, Mascharak S, desJardins-Park HE, Litzenburger UM, Walmsley GG, Marshall CD, Moore AL, Duoto B, Adem S, Foster DS, Salhotra A, Shen AH, Griffin M, Shen EZ, Barnes LA, Zielins ER, Maan ZN, Wei Y, Chan CKF, Wan DC, Lorenz HP, Chang HY, Gurtner GC, Longaker MT. "Prrx1 Fibroblasts Represent a Pro-fibrotic Lineage in the Mouse Ventral Dermis." Cell reports.. 2020 Nov 10; 33(6):108356.

Foster DS, Marshall CD, Gulati GS, Chinta MS, Nguyen A, Salhotra A, Jones RE, Burcham A, Lerbs T, Cui L, King ME, Titan AL, Ransom RC, Manjunath A, Hu MS, Blackshear CP, Mascharak S, Moore AL, Norton JA, Kin CJ, Shelton AA, Januszyk M, Gurtner GC, Wernig G, Longaker MT. "Elucidating the fundamental fibrotic processes driving abdominal adhesion formation." Nature communications.. 2020 Aug 13; 11(1):4061. Epub 2020 Aug 13.

Moore AL, desJardins-Park HE, Duoto BA, Mascharak S, Murphy MP, Irizarry DM, Foster DS, Jones RE, Barnes LA, Marshall CD, Ransom RC, Wernig G, Longaker MT. "Doxycycline Reduces Scar Thickness and Improves Collagen Architecture." Annals of surgery.. 2020 Jul; 272(1):183-193.

Mahmoudi S, Mancini E, Xu L, Moore A, Jahanbani F, Hebestreit K, Srinivasan R, Li X, Devarajan K, Prélot L, Ang CE, Shibuya Y, Benayoun BA, Chang ALS, Wernig M, Wysocka J, Longaker MT, Snyder MP, Brunet A. "Heterogeneity in old fibroblasts is linked to variability in reprogramming and wound healing." Nature.. 2019 Oct; 574(7779):553-558. Epub 2019 Oct 23.

Marshall CD, Brett EA, Moore AL, Wan DC, Longaker MT. "In Vitro and In Vivo Osteogenic Differentiation of Human Adipose-Derived Stromal Cells." Methods in molecular biology.. 2019 1891:9-18.

Ransom RC, Foster DS, Salhotra A, Jones RE, Marshall CD, Leavitt T, Murphy MP, Moore AL, Blackshear CP, Brett EA, Wan DC, Longaker MT. "Author Correction: Genetic dissection of clonal lineage relationships with hydroxytamoxifen liposomes." Nature communications.. 2018 Oct 19; 9(1):4411. Epub 2018 Oct 19.

Ransom RC, Foster DS, Salhotra A, Jones RE, Marshall CD, Leavitt T, Murphy MP, Moore AL, Blackshear CP, Brett EA, Wan DC, Longaker MT. "Genetic dissection of clonal lineage relationships with hydroxytamoxifen liposomes." Nature communications.. 2018 Jul 30; 9(1):2971. Epub 2018 Jul 30.

Hu MS, Moore AL, Longaker MT. "A Fibroblast Is Not a Fibroblast Is Not a Fibroblast." The Journal of investigative dermatology.. 2018 Apr; 138(4):729-730.

Moore AL, Marshall CD, Barnes LA, Murphy MP, Ransom RC, Longaker MT. "Scarless wound healing: Transitioning from fetal research to regenerative healing." Wiley interdisciplinary reviews. Developmental biology.. 2018 Mar; 7(2)Epub 2018 Jan 09.

Barnes LA, Marshall CD, Leavitt T, Hu MS, Moore AL, Gonzalez JG, Longaker MT, Gurtner GC. "Mechanical Forces in Cutaneous Wound Healing: Emerging Therapies to Minimize Scar Formation." Advances in wound care.. 2018 Feb 1; 7(2):47-56.

Hu MS, Walmsley GG, Barnes LA, Weiskopf K, Rennert RC, Duscher D, Januszyk M, Maan ZN, Hong WX, Cheung AT, Leavitt T, Marshall CD, Ransom RC, Malhotra S, Moore AL, Rajadas J, Lorenz HP, Weissman IL, Gurtner GC, Longaker MT. "Delivery of monocyte lineage cells in a biomimetic scaffold enhances tissue repair." JCI insight.. 2017 Oct 5; 2(19)Epub 2017 Oct 05.

Sidwa F, Moore AL, Alligood E, Fisichella PM. "Surgical Treatment of Extraesophageal Manifestations of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease." World journal of surgery.. 2017 Oct; 41(10):2566-2571.

Murphy MP, Irizarry D, Lopez M, Moore AL, Ransom RC, Longaker MT, Wan DC, Chan CKF. "The Role of Skeletal Stem Cells in the Reconstruction of Bone Defects." The Journal of craniofacial surgery.. 2017 Jul; 28(5):1136-1141.

Moore AL, Marshall CD, Longaker MT. "Minimizing Skin Scarring through Biomaterial Design." Journal of functional biomaterials.. 2017 Jan 21; 8(1)Epub 2017 Jan 21.

Sidhwa F, Moore A, Alligood E, Fisichella PM. "Diagnosis and Treatment of the Extraesophageal Manifestations of Gastroesophageal Reflux Disease." Annals of surgery.. 2017 Jan; 265(1):63-67.

Heo YS, Nagrath S, Moore AL, Zeinali M, Irimia D, Stott SL, Toth TL, Toner M. ""Universal" vitrification of cells by ultra-fast cooling." Technology.. 2015 Mar; 3(1):64-71.

Stott SL, Lee RJ, Nagrath S, Yu M, Miyamoto DT, Ulkus L, Inserra EJ, Ulman M, Springer S, Nakamura Z, Moore AL, Tsukrov DI, Kempner ME, Dahl DM, Wu CL, Iafrate AJ, Smith MR, Tompkins RG, Sequist LV, Toner M, Haber DA, Maheswaran S. "Isolation and characterization of circulating tumor cells from patients with localized and metastatic prostate cancer." Science translational medicine.. 2010 Mar 31; 2(25):25ra23.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Adrenocortical Carcinoma
Book Title: GMKA: Global Medical Knowledge Alliance
Author List: Alessandra L. Moore, Matthew A. Nehs
Published By: GMKA: Global Medical Knowledge Alliance2022

Chapter Title: Scarless Wound Healing: From Experimental Target to Clinical Reality
Book Title: Principles of Regenerative Medicine
Author List: Alessandra L. Moore, Clement D. Marshall, Allison Nauta, Hermann P. Lorenz, Michael T. Longaker
Edited By: Anthony Atala, Robert Lanza, Antonios G. Mikos, Robert Nerem
Published By: Elsevier, Inc.2019