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Olachi Mezu-Ndubuisi, M.D., O.D.


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Journal Articles

Zafer D, Adams T, Olson E, Stenman L, Taparli O, Eickhoff J, Cengiz P, Mezu-Ndubuisi O. "Retinal Vascular Recovery revealed by retinal imaging following neonatal hypoxia ischemia in mice: is there a role for tyrosine kinase receptor modulation?" Brain research.. 2022 Sep 15; :148093. Epub 2022 Sep 15.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Song YS, Macke E, Johnson H, Nwaba G, Ikeda A, Sheibani N. "Retinopathy of prematurity shows alterations in Vegfa isoform expression." Pediatric research.. 2022 Jun; 91(7):1677-1685. Epub 2021 Jul 20.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Maheshwari A. "Role of the Endothelium in Neonatal Diseases." . 2022 1(1):44-57. Epub 2022 Mar 31.

Nwaba A, Su M, Rajamanickam V, Mezu-Nnabue K, Ubani U, Ikonne EU, Mezu-Ndubuisi O. "Community Preventive Health Education Intervention for Pediatric Iron-Deficiency Anemia in Rural Southeast Nigeria." Annals of global health.. 2022 88(1):105. Epub 2022 Nov 21.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Maheshwari A. "Role of macrophages in fetal development and perinatal disorders." Pediatric research.. 2021 Sep; 90(3):513-523. Epub 2020 Oct 18.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Maheshwari A. "The role of integrins in inflammation and angiogenesis." Pediatric research.. 2021 May; 89(7):1619-1626. Epub 2020 Oct 07.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ. "Unmasking Systemic Racism and Unconscious Bias in Medical Workplaces: A Call to Servant Leadership." Journal of the American Heart Association.. 2021 Apr 6; 10(7):e018845. Epub 2021 Mar 29.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Macke EL, Kalavacherla R, Nwaba AA, Suscha A, Zaitoun IS, Ikeda A, Sheibani N. "Long-term evaluation of retinal morphology and function in a mouse model of oxygen-induced retinopathy." Molecular vision.. 2020 26:257-276. Epub 2020 Apr 01.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Adams T, Taylor LK, Nwaba A, Eickhoff J. "Simultaneous assessment of aberrant retinal vascularization, thickness, and function in an in vivo mouse oxygen-induced retinopathy model." Eye.. 2019 Mar; 33(3):363-373. Epub 2018 Sep 12.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Wang Y, Schoephoerster J, Falero-Perez J, Zaitoun IS, Sheibani N, Gong S. "Intravitreal Delivery of VEGF-A-loaded PLGA Microparticles Reduces Retinal Vaso-Obliteration in an In Vivo Mouse Model of Retinopathy of Prematurity." Current eye research.. 2019 Mar; 44(3):275-286. Epub 2018 Nov 09.

Ley D, Hallberg B, Hansen-Pupp I, Dani C, Ramenghi LA, Marlow N, Beardsall K, Bhatti F, Dunger D, Higginson JD, Mahaveer A, Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Reynolds P, Giannantonio C, van Weissenbruch M, Barton N, Tocoian A, Hamdani M, Jochim E, Mangili A, Chung JK, Turner MA, Smith LEH, Hellström A, . "rhIGF-1/rhIGFBP-3 in Preterm Infants: A Phase 2 Randomized Controlled Trial." The Journal of pediatrics.. 2019 Mar; 206:56-65.e8. Epub 2018 Nov 22.

Buck S, Rolnick K, Nwaba AA, Eickhoff J, Mezu-Nnabue K, Esenwah E, Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ. "Longer Breastfeeding Associated with Childhood Anemia in Rural South-Eastern Nigeria." International journal of pediatrics.. 2019 2019:9457981. Epub 2019 Jun 10.

Anderson A, Friedl C, Nwaba A, Rajamanickam VP, Mezu-Nnabue K, Esenwah E, Ikoro N, Suresh C, Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ. "Investigating the Use of Education on Diet and Medical Comorbidities to Reduce Cataract Surgery Screening Failure in a Rural Community in Imo State, Nigeria." Journal of Eye and Vision. 2018; 1(2): 6.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Taylor LK, Schoephoerster JA. "Simultaneous Fluorescein Angiography and Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography Correlate Retinal Thickness Changes to Vascular Abnormalities in an In Vivo Mouse Model of Retinopathy of Prematurity." Journal of ophthalmology.. 2017 2017:9620876. Epub 2017 May 10.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ. "In Vivo Angiography Quantifies Oxygen-Induced Retinopathy Vascular Recovery." Optometry and vision science : official publication of the American Academy of Optometry.. 2016 Oct; 93(10):1268-1279.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Wanek J, Chau FY, Teng PY, Blair NP, Reddy NM, Raj JU, Reddy SP, Shahidi M. "Correspondence of retinal thinning and vasculopathy in mice with oxygen-induced retinopathy." Experimental eye research.. 2014 May; 122:119-22. Epub 2014 Apr 02.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Teng PY, Wanek J, Blair NP, Chau FY, Reddy NM, Raj JU, Reddy SP, Shahidi M. "In vivo retinal vascular oxygen tension imaging and fluorescein angiography in the mouse model of oxygen-induced retinopathy." Investigative ophthalmology & visual science.. 2013 Oct 23; 54(10):6968-72. Epub 2013 Oct 23.

Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Agarwal G, Raghavan A, Pham JT, Ohler KH, Maheshwari A. "Patent ductus arteriosus in premature neonates." Drugs.. 2012 May 7; 72(7):907-16.

Mezu KR, Mezu OJ. "Comparative Assessment of the Cup to Disc Ratio using digital Imaging vs. Topographic Scanner." Journal of American Acad. of Optometry. 2001; 78(4): 32.

Mezu OJ, Mezu KR, Okechi A. "Pseudo-retinitis Pigmentosa – a case report." Journal of Nigerian Optometric Association. 1998; : 13-15.

Books & Chapters

Chapter Title: Visual Disorders
Book Title: Maxcy-Rosenau-Last Public Health & Preventive Medicine
Author List: Hariharan L, Starr E, Garcia R, Penniecook JA, Pettey J, Hanson E, Morjaria P, Noah J, Haddad D, Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Winthrop KL, Ventura CV, Lansingh V.
Edited By: Boulton ML, Wallace RB.
Published By: McGraw Hill2022

Chapter Title: Communicating Bad News in the Health Care Organization
Book Title: Management and Leadership – A Guide for Clinical Professionals.
Author List: Mezu-Ndubuisi, Olachi J
Published By: Springer International Publishing2015

Chapter Title: Developmental Immunology
Book Title: Neonatal- Perinatal Medicine: Diseases of the Fetus and Infant
Author List: Benjamin JT, Mezu-Ndubuisi OJ, Maheshwari A
Edited By: Faranoff, Martin & Walsh
Published By: Elsevier, MO2014

Chapter Title: Minimal Enteral Feeding
Book Title: Nutrition for the Preterm Neonate
Author List: Mezu-Ndubuisi O.J, Maheshwari, A.
Edited By: Sanjay Patole
Published By: Springer Netherlands2013