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Amputation Management Program

female amputee rehabbing

Every year thousands of Americans undergo an amputation of a limb.  We understand that this is a life changing event.  We are here to help you.  Our amputation management program provides comprehensive, interdisciplinary care of patients with amputations.   

Services include:

  • Consultation and education both before and after amputation surgeries  

After amputation care includes:

  • Education to optimize medical and physical function which includes prevention of contractures, limb edema management, skin complications, and expectations for recovery
  • Evaluating and monitoring physical and occupational therapy needs
  • Assessing need for an assistive device or durable medical equipment (DME)
  • At clinic visits the doctor works on site with a Prosthetist for customized prosthesis design and fit and gait evaluation
  • Monitoring and treatment of related issues such as phantom pain, neuromas,etc.
  • Helping connect with community resources

amputee reaching for the sky