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URMC / Quality & Safety / Ever Better / February 2017 / Imaging Teams Begin Shifting Outpatient Care to New Building

Imaging Teams Begin Shifting Outpatient Care to New Building

Imaging services is offering outpatient ultrasound scanning at UR Medicine’s new East River Road building beginning Feb. 7. Imaging is gradually relocating all adult outpatient services there and Golisano Children’s Hospital will open its Neuromedicine and Behavioral Health center, including the Levine Autism Clinic, on the third floor in April.

imaging centerUltrasound has also opened on the second floor. The third floor space, which will accommodate the comprehensive clinic for children with autism, incorporating neurobehavioral medicine, will open in April. Then, the remaining Imaging servicesx-ray, fluoroscopy, nuclear medicine, CT and MRIwill open on the first floor in early June.

The hallmark of the new state-of-the-art Outpatient Imaging Center is the attention to patient experience. The main entrance leads to a two-story spacious, bright and comfortable lobby with a fireplace and coffee bar. Care suites have individual patient changing rooms with lockers and private waiting areas.

Completion of this new building is part of the Medical Center’s strategic plan to improve the patient experience. Each year more than 300,000 imaging tests are performed at the Medical Center, and about one-third of them are for outpatient care. Imaging technology has grown in size and rising patient volume has challenged the Imaging team to be creative in its efforts to provide high-quality care in tight quarters. 

Moving the adult outpatient services, which include more than a 75,000 diagnostic imaging tests, to the new building will allow for renovation of the ground-floor Imaging space. Much of the hospital space will be remodeled from its nearly 50-year-old form into state-of-the-art interventional radiology suites.  The north side of the department is being reconfigured into a dedicated inpatient imaging unit design to operate 24/7.

“We are excited about the opportunity to provide our patients with a comfortable setting for care here at Strong and in the building,” said David Waldman, M.D., Imaging chair. “Our current space has been extremely tight and the new space allows us to add long-overdue amenities for clinical and support staff too.” 

Designed with "lean" goals in mind, the two-floor Imaging area has workstations for nurses and technologists, specialized noise-minimizing flooring in the radiologists’ reading room, and a large conference center with videoconferencing technology.  The department is consolidating much of its off-campus presence into the new location, including its Imaging scheduling and billing teams by Feb. 13.


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