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ePartner/eRecord For External Users

UR Medicine uses eRecord (Epic), a fully integrated electronic health record system. eRecord has dramatically changed and streamlined the way we work in our hospitals and outpatient clinics, improving patient safety and quality of care, and serving as an important way to connect with our community providers.

There are two types of user access for external users:

  • eRecord access: for Community Providers with UR Med hospital privileges who write orders, do surgeries, or contribute to the URMC chart in other ways.
  • ePartner access: A view-only version of eRecord that provides full access to the patient chart (i.e., lab results, discharge notes, etc.).

Our Regional ePartner Support team will work with each practice to understand what best suits how you and your staff interact with UR Medicine hospitals, and then match your needs with different models developed to ensure that patients’ information is protected and secure.

Change URMC Password (Annually)

To continue to safeguard online information, URMC requires an annual password change. You will receive an email to update your password from us. To update your password, go to the URMC Extranet Tools site.

*Important: You will also need to reset the passwords on your mobile device for URMC email, wireless, and VPN in order for each to function.