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eRecord and Discharge Summary Reports

Below is an overview of the reports most community providers are receiving when their patients are discharged from Strong and Highland hospitals.

Inpatient Reports

When a patient is discharged from either Strong or Highland hospitals, you receive four faxed reports.

  1. The After Visit Summary (AVS): This is a document intended for the patient, and summarizes their inpatient stay and follow-up medical care. IMPORTANT: The AVS is the only URMC report that contains an official record of the patient’s medication list.
  2. Preliminary Discharge Summary (D/C Summary): This is a preliminary discharge summary prepared by the resident. While many residents and providers will include a list of patient medications in their D/C summary, it is not guaranteed, so you’ll need to refer to the patient’s AVS for the most recent medication list.
  3. Two Important Changes to Patient Information You Receive from UR Medicine

    We continue to work on ways to improve our patient communications to you so that you have the information you need to provide timely and appropriate care to your patients.

    The first is a new "Summary of Care" document that we are required to send as part of CMS' Meaningful Use program. The document summarizes a patient’s ED or inpatient admission, and will go to the provider to whom the patient is referred to, or, if there is no specialty referral, the patient’s PCP.

    The second is a new improved inpatient discharge summary. Starting April 9, Strong and Highland Hospitals will begin using a new process to provide you with a summary that will be more concise, more timely and more clinically useful for all of our community partners. This is the culmination of nine months of partnership with UR Medicine and community providers to create a single high-yield handoff document that will:
    • Be sent to the patient’s primary care provider of record
    • Provide a short, free-text summary of the patient’s inpatient admission (3-5 sentences)
    • Highlight key admission events (Procedures, Significant Imaging findings, Med Changes, Pending Test results and Issues for Follow up)
    • Provide an accurate medication list at the time of discharge
    • Identify the treating inpatient attending physicians
    • Be available immediately at the time of discharge (either electronically or by fax)
    • For most patients, replace the traditional long form, narrative discharge summary
    We recognize that the transition to our electronic health record system has inadvertently created redundant and highly automated documents, making it difficult for you to obtain precise information on your discharged patients. We expect our new discharge document to improve communication and efficiency for all of those involved. We would value your feedback; please contact Melissa Shaw ( or 506-4652). Once we are sure this new process is working well, we plan to discontinue the distribution of our current discharge summary (initially you will receive both).

Emergency Department Reports

For patients being discharged from either the Strong or Highland Emergency Department, a report is faxed to the PCP of record. This report includes chief complaint, final diagnosis, disposition, meds ordered while in the ED, prescriptions provided, and discharge instructions.