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ePartner (View Only)

ePartner is a web-based portal that allows you to view information on your patients’ hospital stays, as well as access their tests and image results. Depending on how you work with URMC and our affiliates, we will offer to you either a complete view of the patient's chart, or a scaled back view that provides quick and convenient scanning of lab results. You will not be able to contribute to the chart in any way with ePartner.

ePartner Features

  • Windows-like navigation system.
  • Customizable inbox alert system.
  • A brief 20-minute eLearning is required before using ePartner
  • Most PCs with standard operating systems can access ePartner
  • Streamlined secure connection to ePartner available via

Access to ePartner

We welcome the opportunity to provide confidential and secure access to UR Medicine's web portal, ePartner. To get the process started, you must first contact the ePartner team, who will assist you in the set-up process. It takes about three weeks to complete the important security and administrative work to ensure you and each staff member has access to the URMC computer network, is trained and ready to begin using ePartner.

Details on the steps, including links to paperwork, are listed below; however, please refrain from filling out any of this paperwork until you have been assigned an ePartner liaison.

  1. Contact ePartner team to start the process; you will be assigned an ePartner liaison.
  2. Provide two lists to your ePartner liaison.
    • Provider List: Supply the names of any MD, NP, PA or any other medical provider in your practice/organization. This allows us to set-up ePartner so that you and your staff can view information on all patients in your practice. Once this form is complete, email to your ePartner liaison.
    • ePartner Access List: Supply the names of every person in your practice/organization who will need access to ePartner. Once this form is complete, email to your ePartner liaison. You’ll also need to print out and sign in the space provided at the bottom of each sheet, and fax to 340-3073 (Attention: ePartner).
  3. Complete Managing Partner agreement:  This document outlines URMC’s standard confidentiality policies that must be adhered to by any health care professional interacting with URMC patients.  This document must be signed by the managing partner of the practice, and either mailed, faxed or scanned/emailed to your ePartner account executive.
  4. Prepare Your Computers for ePartner: Since ePartner is a web-based ePartner portal, very little computer set-up is necessary (read “How to Prepare Your Computer for ePartner”). Your liaison can assist you in preparing your practice’s computers if necessary.
  5. Complete ePartner Online Training: Once all paperwork and administrative work is completed, your liaison will forward usernames and passwords to be used to access ePartner training. Additionally (s)he will provide you with an ePartner Quick Start Guide (or you can download it here). The training takes about 20 minutes to complete and is accessed through

It’s our goal to make the transition to ePartner as efficient and seamless for you and your office staff. If you have questions, please email ePartner.