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ePartner FAQs

erecord logoDoes everyone get the same version of ePartner?
No. We'll work with each practice to understand what best suits how you and your staff interact with URMC hospitals and lab services. If you refer patients and order labs through URMC, we'll recommend full patient chart review. If your interaction is solely limited to labs, we'll provide you with a streamlined view so you can quickly and easily access lab results.
How can I update information in ePartner?
You can't. ePartner is a view-only version of eRecord, URMC's electronic health record system. You cannot add to the chart, or make any notation in the system using ePartner. In the future, we do hope to make it possible to make or add a note to the inpatient chart via ePartner. If you have patient info or the patient PCP that is incorrect you can call the ISD Help Desk at (585) 275-3200.  
Will all my patients be in ePartner?
eRecord will contain any patient that is linked to you in our billing and registration system. While we'd like to think that this will cover 100 percent of your patients, it's likely that you'll run into exceptions. For example, when a provider wants to view information in preparation for a patient's first appointment with your practice, that information won't be automatically available to you. For these situations, Search all Patients, which is a simple way to gain temporary access to a patient's chart (see next question).
What is Search all Patients and how does it work?
Search all Patients is a convenient feature in ePartner that provides temporary access to the electronic chart of a patient who is not directly linked to your practice. You will need to provide three of the following four pieces of information in order to gain access: Name, DOB, SS#, or a URMC MRN. This will give you temporary access to the patient's chart for seven days.
Are there special computer requirements?

ePartner is a web-based portal, very little computer set up is necessary; see below for exact specs. In addition, you do need to be on URMC's network to login to ePartner; quickly establish a secure connection though

Accessing ePartner requires the following:

  • Any Internet Browser
  • Any Operating System
  • PC or MAC
  • Citrix installation: Citrix must be installed in order to access ePartner and its online training. You will receive directions on how to do this.
    • If you are NOT an administrator on your computer, you will need to contact your practice's IT support to install Citrix if you do not already have it.