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Update Your Physician Information

We want to provide you with the most up-to-date information on your patients while they are under our care. We ask that you provide us with the following information to help facilitate our communication to you. This information will not be shared with anyone who is not participating in the care of your patient. Cell phone contact will occur when there is urgent clinical information that you need to know. If you have other questions about the use of this information, please call our Data Integrity Office at (585) 275-3128. Thank you.

For all providers in your office please email the following information to:

  • Provider name and credentials
  • NPI and/or license number (for validation purposes)
  • Specialty
  • Office address
  • Office phone
  • Office fax
  • Contact method for clinical conversations concerning shared patients (cell, office or other)
  • Office manager and contact information for any questions