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Referrals & Appointments

When a patient's condition requires the expertise of a specialist, we make it easy for you to connect with one of our 1,500 physicians.

275-URMD (8763)  or  1-844-500-8763
One number for UR Medicine

We're Here to Help

The URMD Line was created to expedite the referral and appointment process.

  • Refer a patient to any UR Medicine specialist
  • Communicate important information about patients
  • Consult on a patient who has already been referred
  • Get updates quickly and easily
  • Exclusively for providers and staff

One number. Many ways to help you and your patients. 

Specialist referrals
275-URMD lets you set up an appointment with any UR Medicine specialist. 

Urgent referrals 
275-URMD can connect you with the UR Medicine Transfer Center to facilitate urgent referrals. 

Patient information transfer
275-URMD gives you instructions for transferring critical patient information to the UR Medicine care team. 

Patient status updates
275-URMD connects you with your patient’s attending physician for updates on procedures or outcomes. 

Care coordination
275-URMD lets you get information on post-discharge care for your patient as well as relevant support services.