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WebRounds FAQs

Is CME credit available for WebRounds?
Yes! Please register for CME accredites WebRounds by logging into:
CME Webrounds
The fee is $100 for an annual subscription that will give you unlimited access to all of the content featured on website.
What are the system requirements for viewing WebRounds?
  • PC: Operating System: Microsoft Windows XP (or newer),
  • Internet Browsers: Internet Explorer (v7.0 or newer), Firefox (v3.0 or newer),or Google Chrome (v7.0 or newer)
  • Media Players and Document Readers: Windows Media Player (v10 or newer), or Quicktime (v7 or newer), Adobe Acrobat Reader* (v8.0 or newer)
  • MAC: Operating System: Mac OS X (v10.4 or newer),Internet Browsers: Safari (v3.0.4 or newer), Firefox (v3.0 or later), or Google Chrome (v7.0 or newer for OS X v10.5 or newer) Media Players and Document Readers: Quicktime (v7 or newer), Adobe Acrobat Reader* (v8.0 or newer)

*Required to view printable (PDF) version of the lesson

Flip4Mac plug-in for QuickTime causes Mediasite presentations not to work.
Installing the Flip4Mac Windows Media component for QuickTime on the Mac OS prevents Mediasite presentations from working in the Firefox, Netscape, and Safari browsers. In order to resolve this issue, when installing the Flip4Mac software, select the "do not install the plug-in" option. If the plug-in is already installed, it can be disabled in the Flip4Mac system preferences.
I don't remember my username and password.
Please contact the CME WebRounds help desk by emailing:
The Media Site page appears, but the screens are blank and/or the video/audio does not play.
Firewall Issue: If you are accessing WebRounds from a hospital-based computer, the firewalls in your hospital IT system may be blocking your access to this program. We have advised your IT departments about this in advance, so they can make appropriate adjustments to your firewall. Please check with your IT department first. If there is still an issue either the end user or the IT department can contact URMC at
Pop-up Blockers: If you're using a pop-up blocker, configure it to allow site pop-ups. If you aren't sure how to do this, contact your IT department. After you have made this change, you may need to click "View" and then select "Refresh" from your browser's toolbar.
Why don't I see any video in the video window?
You may not have the current version of Windows Media Player installed.
What should I do if I don't have the correct version of Windows Media Player?
To install the latest version of Windows Media Player, go to the Windows Media download site.

Other Questions?

For all other questions, please contact:

General Feedback and Questions:
CME WebRounds
URMC Regional Administration
(585) 784-7865

Technical Support:

CME Related Questions:
(585) 275-7666