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V. Kaye Thomas, PhD
Technical Director
Office Room: 4-7503
Office Phone: (585) 275-1317

Julie Zhang
Office Room: 4-7582
Office Phone: (585) 276-5517

Other Contact Info
Laboratory Phone: (585) 276-5517
Confocal Room Phone: (585) 273-3163
STED Room Phone: (585) 276-5880


The Confocal and Conventional Microscopy Core is located in the 4.7500 area of the Medical Center.  The Olympus FV1000 and Nikon A1RHD are housed in 4.7546.  The Zeiss Palmbeam laser capture and widefield system is housed in 4.7582.

To reach the 4.7500 area -  Take the yellow elevators to the fourth floor; once off the elevator walk towards the clock on the wall; at the clock, turn right, go through the fire door, and proceed down the hallway.