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Fees/ Billing


Next Generation Sequencing (HiSeq2500)

All pricing effective February 1, 2016 and subject to change.

Prices reflective of University of Rochester internal usage, external pricing is available. High-throughput batch pricing is available.  Contact us for more information.

Library Preparation

  Cost per sample                      
Library Type

Standard Turnaround  

(4-7 weeks)

Rush Turnaround# 

(2 weeks)

TruSeq RNA v2 $250.00
TruSeq mRNA Stranded $250.00
TruSeq Total Stranded RNA
(Human, Mouse, Rat)
TruSeq Small RNA $350.00 n/a
Low Input RNA-seq
(Clontech SMARTer Technology)
$315.00* n/a
TruSeq DNA Nano  $284.00 n/a
TruSeq PCR-free $294.00 n/a
ChIP-seq** $280.00 n/a
NexteraXT $90.00 n/a
Agilent SureSelect whole exome $600.00 n/a
Whole Genome Bisulphite (WGBS) $384.00 n/a
16S Amplicon $40.00 n/a
# Rush turnaround is at the discretion of the GRC and availability depends on projects in queue.  Approval for rush processing requires discussion with the GRC administration prior to project submission and is restricted to RNA-seq projects consisting of 8 (total RNA-seq) or 16 (mRNA-seq) samples only.  Price per sample includes sequencing costs with SER100 and data processing/analysis. 

* Includes SMART-seq amplification and Nextera library preparation.

**NGS library construction only.  We accept sheared/fragmented ChIP purified DNA only.

Sequencing (HiSeq2500v4)

High Output Run 
Single End Read (SER)

SER Cost per lane
1 x 50 $1399.00
1 x 100 $1709.00
1 x 150 $2072.00

Per End Read (PER)

PER Cost per lane
2 x 50 $2160.00
2 x 125 $2672.00
2 x 150 $3280.00
2 x 250 $4054.00

Sequencing (MiSeq)

PER Cost per chip
2 x 150 $2100.00
2 x 250 $2300.00
2 x 300 $2900.00
Library Pool QC  $350.00

Contact us for information regarding run options for your given application  Turnaround time depends on sample queue at time of submission and is subject to change based on demand.

** Sequencing costs include basic data processing and analysis:

  • Demultiplexing
  • Read processing (filtering based on complexity and end trimming based on quality scores)
  • Mapping to reference genome using STAR or BWA
  • Differential expression analysis using CuffLinks or EdgeR

Additional analysis support can be provided. Contact us for more information.

**Turnaround time is based on date of sample receipt.**

Bioanalyzer Analysis

Sample Type Chip Amount Required Cost per sample
RNA Nano 25 - 500ng/ul $15.00
RNA Pico 0.05 - 25ng/ul $15.00
Small RNA
(6 - 150bp)
Small RNA 1 - 100ng/ul (total RNA) or 1 - 20ng/ul (enriched for small RNA) $46.00
(50bp - 7kb)
High Sensitivity 5 - 500pg/ul $22.00
gDNA Screen Tape 0.5 - 50ng/ul $18.00

RNA Extraction/Purification

Trizol RNA Extraction - $32.00/sample*
Qiagen RNeasy Plus - $32.00/sample*
Dnase Treatment - $30.00/sample
* Does not Include quality assessment

DNA Extraction/Purification

Qiagen DNeasy Kit - $27.00/sample*
* Does not Include quality assessment

Quantitative PCR

Service Cost Quantity
ABI High Capacity Reverse Transcription $15.00 Sample
Nugen WT-Ovation PicoSL Kit (RNA Amplification) $86.00 Sample
QPCR Half Plate Setup 384
*up to 192 wells, includes no RT and no template controls, assays not included
$369.00 Half Plate
QPCR Full Plate Setup_384
*up to 384 wells, includes no RT and no template controls, assays not included
$574.00 Full Plate
QPCR Half Plate Setup_96
*up to 48 wells, includes no RT and no template controls, assays not included
$247.00 Half  Plate
QPCR Full Plate Setup_96
*up to 96 wells, includes no RT and no template controls, assays not included
$317.00 Full  Plate
ABI QuantStudio Instrument Run Fee $60.00 Plate
ABI Microfluidic Card (TLDA) Set-up And Run On ABI QuantStudio (Does not include TLDA) $80.00 TLDA

Micro Array Analysis

Service Cost Quantity
Processing Fee, preparation
with NuGEN (<100ng)
$400.00 Sample
+ $250 project fee
Processing Fee, preparation
with Ambion (>100ng)
$360.00 Sample
+ $250 project fee
Affymetrix 3' IVT Genechips
most common species
$400.00 Array
Affymetrix Gene 2.0 ST Genechips,
most common species
$175.00 Array