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Vitamin D Dynamics in Women

Research Question:
How is vitamin D metabolized during pregnancy?

Basic Study Information

The goal of this pilot project is to utilize stable isotopically labeled vitamin D3 and state of the art mass spectrometric methodology to assess vitamin D dynamics during pregnancy in relation to calcitropic hormone status at this key life stage. At the conclusion of this study, the investigators will have obtained novel information on the absorption and utilization of vitamin D in women and determined if maternal vitamin D3 or maternal 25(OH)D3, or both, can be transferred across the placenta to the fetus. The long-term goal is to better understand the unique metabolism of vitamin D during pregnancy.

Location: University of Rochester, 518 Hylan Building

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Lead Researcher: Eva Pressman

Study Contact Information

Study Coordinator: Brenda Kavanaugh
Phone: (585) 275-1504

Additional Study Details

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