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UGUP18071 / DORA / Chunkit Fung

Research Question:
What are the effects of using radium-223 therapy along with docetaxel chemotherapy versus using docetaxel alone?

Basic Study Information

The purpose of this study is to compare any good and bad effects of using radium-223 along with docetaxel chemotherapy treatment versus using docetaxel alone. Earlier studies helped show that the combination is safe, but the combination has not been proven to work better than either drug alone. The goal of this study is to find out if combining docetaxel and radium-223 is better than giving either drug by itself.

Location: University of Rochester Medical Center
Study Reference #: UGUP18071

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Lead Researcher:  Chunkit Fung

Study Contact Information

Study Contact: Clinical Trials Office
Study Location: Wilmot Cancer Institute, University of Rochester Medical Center
Study Email:

Additional Study Details

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