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Ethnic Differences in Iron Absorption (FeGenes)

Research Question:
What genes are involved with how the body regulates iron absorption and maintains iron status?

Basic Study Information

Iron is a very important nutrient in our diet. Many individuals do not have enough iron and can develop anemia, while other individuals are at an increased risk of accumulating excess iron in their bodies. This study aims to: (1) investigate population differences in iron absorption between East Asian and Northern European adults, (2) assess hormonal and biochemical determinants of iron absorption between East Asian and Northern European adults, and (3) investigate genetic contributions to iron absorption, iron status and iron regulatory hormones between East Asian and Northern European adults.

Location: University of Rochester
Study Reference #: STUDY00005119

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Lead Researcher:  Eva Pressman

Study Contact Information

Study Coordinator: Sara Bird
Phone: (607) 279-0421

Additional Study Details

Study Details:
Qualifications: 18-50 years old, of Northern European or East Asian ancestry, healthy, non-smoker, not currently pregnant or lactating. Requirements: 2 short visits at Strong Memorial Hospital *free parking available*, consumption of an iron supplement, two blood draws, answering questions about your diet and health.

Number of Visits:  2 to 5
Parking:  Free
Transportation Coverage:  No
Reimbursement:  Yes
Payment Details:  Participate in our study to receive a personalized genetic ancestry report and up to $30.

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