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BEGIN - A Breastfeeding Study

Research Question:
How does breast milk differ between mothers who primarily nurse at the breast vs pump breast milk?

Basic Study Information

We are looking for: - Mothers who are exclusively pumping for babies 1-2 months old - Participation will last until your baby is 4 months old - We will have you collect breastmilk, stool, urine, and saliva at home - This study is totally remote – no need to ever leave your house! Earn $100/month & receive breastfeeding support from our team!

Location: at-home study
Study Reference #: STUDY00007528

Lead Researcher (Principal Investigator)

Lead Researcher:  Bridget Young

Study Contact Information

Study Coordinator: Jessie Luxemberg
Phone: (585) 563-2922

Additional Study Details

Study Details:
This study takes place completely in your home. Researchers will mail you all the supplies you need and also arrange to have your samples shipped back to the study team. Compensation is provided.

Reimbursement:  Yes

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