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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Research Studies

Carefully conducted clinical trials are the safest and fastest way to find effective vaccines, treatments, and new ways to improve health. The University of Rochester Medical Center is currently conducting several coronavirus clinical trials that are in need of volunteers. To volunteer, take our survey to find out if you qualify. We will contact you now or in the future when a coronavirus study meets your needs or interests. To find studies on other conditions that are currently enrolling, you can visit our Clinical Trials & Research page and search by keyword.

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) offers public resources for use in talking with community organizations or individuals about the NIH's COVID-19 vaccine research initiatives as well as the importance of being included in research studies. Visit the NIH COVID-19 Communities Responding Together website to learn more and download resources.



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Current Studies

Collecting Breast Milk Samples for Future Research

When some research ideas are initially formed, they need to be tested on small amounts of human breast milk before moving on to large studies. This study will collect a one-time breast milk sample and questionnaire from each participant for that purpose. Participants will be compensated $5 per breast milk sample (up to 4 samples). Additionally, this study will collect multiple breast milk samples from two different groups of mothers who can collect samples at home. The first group will help us learn more about food allergies by collecting samples before a meal and 1, 2, 6, and 24 hours after a meal containing one egg, one cup of milk, or a small handful of peanuts. If a woman is experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, they may join a different group that will provide samples over time to help us learn how long the virus is present in breast milk.

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COVID-19 Vaccine Studies

URMC is studying several variations of a COVID-19 vaccine. Compensation: $500-$900. Participation Requirements: Age 18+; Have not been infected with COVID-19.

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HOPE-Helping Older People Engage

The purpose of this study is to compare two activities — reflecting on one’s past (called “life review”) and volunteering in the community ("volunteering"). We are interested in learning how these activities may improve social connectedness and well-being among adults age 60 and older. Additionally, we may ask questions about social distancing, so to that end this study is relevant to managing the psychosocial implications of COVID-19. Volunteering involves participate weekly in a flexible volunteer program with Lifespan that involves a menu of options including helping at senior centers, co-leading classes, mentoring/tutoring and many other options. Life review involves participating in a one-year reminiscence program that is self-guided and involves completing monthly exercises such as writing about one’s memories.

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Talk Therapy by Phone to Promote Treatment for Alcohol Problems

A small percentage of individuals with alcohol use disorder (AUD) obtain alcohol-related care despite research showing that treatment is effective. This randomized controlled trial tests the efficacy of a brief, phone based cognitive behavioral intervention to increase treatment engagement, improve alcohol related outcomes, and show that treatment engagement is a mechanism for the improved outcomes in individuals with AUD. This study will also asses the impact of COVID-19 on alcohol use and other quality of life measures.

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