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SARRP enhances the understanding of how radiation interacts with tissue, the mechanisms of DNA repair and ultimately how radiation can be used in the most effective way to improve patient centred healthcare.  SARRP incorporates CT imaging with precise radiation delivery to enable researchers to pinpoint an exact anatomical target and confidently deliver 0.5 mm beams to that point.  

SARRP is available with a range of fixed; manual or motorized variable collimators.  The variable collimators allows the user to simply adjust the X-Ray field to irradiate only the target and minimize the dose to other tissue.  With a beam size from 1 mm x 1mm to 40 mm x 80 mm the system is capable or targeting whole organs.  Fixed collimators for 0.5 mm up to 10 mm give a quick and efficient beam size with minimal scatter.  This small animal irradiator can then deliver single or multiple beams of radiation to the target with the upmost accuracy.

Radiation therapy is a treatment that is employed by over 50% of cancer patients worldwide, as well as providing the most advanced preclinical platform for validating the efficacy of novel radiation techniques and potential radiosensitizers for the treatment of cancer. The SARRP research platform has been designed to close the gap between current clinical techniques and our understanding of radiation biology/radiotherapy by enabling researchers to confidently assess the efficacy and efficiency of current treatment regimens and provide new data to the medical community that can help to shape the future of radiation protocols and concurrent therapies.

Advanced image guided pre-clinical radio surgery is facilitated by the Muriplan software.  Muriplan not only controls the beam delivery, but is also a full pre-Clinical treatment planning system, featuring many functions you would expect to see on a clinical system.  Muriplan guides the user through the treatment process of the CT imaging, image registration, dose planning, validation and delivery.  The software is fully integrated with the SARRP controlling the X-Ray delivery, imaging and robotics.   Muriplan eliminates the guesswork in pe-clinical irradiation studies by calculating the dose distribution, before you start treatment.  The user can evaluate the isodose lines and Dose Volume Histogram for the contoured structures.

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